Matte Lips 101: My Faves & Some Tips

Hey strangers.

You good? I AM! I have a big life update that I am SO excited to announce hopefully in the next few days (nope.. I am not pregnant ha)… I also think this particular thing will be a good thing to blog about too… so keep your eyes peeled for that guys!

ANYWAY… how are you all? I feel like it has been so long since I had a normal chat with you all… are you all excited for the next few months? Some of you might have started Uni/gone back to school… let me know! I’d love to know if you have had any big life changes too.

So.. I feel like I am a LITTLE late to jump on the bandwagon but I don’t really care HA.. I wanted to blog about it so HERE I AM. I am the biggest lover of writing about things that I have become obsessed with.. especially when they are beauty related. SO… I thought it would be fab to talk about MATTE LIPS.


There are SO many matte lipsticks to pick from .. it can be a LITTLE bit tough to know which ones do work and suit you.. and I have found my firm faves (and erm.. some not so good ones). Lets see what made it to my list ey?

Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams

WHAT A SHOCKER that these are featured ey? These little babies are so popular in the blogging world.. so it is no surprise that they were the first ones I tried when it came to be picking one up. So.. let’s have a run through the shades I have in my tiny collection…



Birthday Suit

This was actually the first one I picked up.. and to be honest.. it is my only negative one (boo!). I tried my hardest to like this but it just was not working. I think the shade of it just did not go with my skin tone. It made me look way too washed out and like I had concealer on my lips. The formulation itself is fab but the shade is a big NO for me.

Velvet Slipper

Now.. this shade is more like it. It is a stunning, dark pink, mauve colour and I am obsessed with it. It reminds me a little of my Revlon Matte Balm that you will know I am obsessed with… although it is slightly on the darker side. I think it is the perfect shade for moving into Autumn  and it is so worth picking up.

Vino Tinto

This has to be my favourite shade out of the 3 I have. It is a dark purple/berry colour… which is absolutely PERFECT if you are after that stunning, vampy look. I LOVE wearing this when I have a TON of highlight and a cat eye. I know this will definitely be my fave look in the colder months!

(Top – Birthday Suit, Bottom Left – Vino Tinto, Bottom Right – Velvet Slipper)


WHY I love these:

  • The staying power of these is SO GOOD. Once on your lips… it is there to stay HA. I do find that with Vino Tinto, the colour fades on the inside of your lips after a few hours… but this can be normal with darker lipsticks (unfortunately)
  • They dry VERY quickly.. I find that within 5 minutes… it is literally dry to the touch and does not transfer onto anything
  • There is a fab variation colours if you like your darker, autumnal shades (which.. ahem I DO)

NOT so good points:

  • I find that if I reapply during the day .. they get very crumbly (ew), it is best to just completely remove and reapply if I need to (which is an absolute b**** because it is SO hard to take off). This is why I am chuffed that they last quite a while!
  • Personally.. the shade “Birthday suit” is WAY TOO light for me… it is loved by so many other bloggers but it just does not work for me *cries*
  • You NEED a matching lip liner. Trust me on this. The first time I applied this I did it without one and I looked like a mess, HAHA.
  • They are slighty  on the dry side.. and you can definitely feel them on your lips. This does not really bother me… but if you are not a fan.. I’d say avoid them

Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition

I have seen these floating around the blogging world… so when my mum decided to pick a few up.. I wanted to give them a go to see if they were worth the hype they had. They are slightly more on the pricier side compared to Sleek, costing around £8 each.


Shade: Don’t Pink Of It

I am normally not a wearer of baby pink shades.. I much prefer brown-y nudes or mauve-y pinks (or all out gothic lipstick)… so I was not sure if I was going to like this. BUT… it is a really pretty, muted pink colour. It is amazing for everyday when you want something quick and effortless.


WHY I love these:

  • They are so easy to use and I find I do not need a lip liner for these (woop!)
  • They last for a VERY long time.. and if I need to reapply, it is easy enough and there is NO crumbliness
  • It feels so comfortable on the lips and there is no dry feeling at all
  • The consistency of these is AMAZING.. it is very creamy and almost like a mousse!

NOT so good points:

  • They are not as pigmented as the Sleek Matte Me’s, and I also have not been able to find a perfect dark shade in Boots!
  • There is some transfer when you do the “test” ..(OK that sounds weird.. I mean the test of kissing the back of your hand and seeing if there is any transfer, hehe)

Mac Matte Lipstick in Whirl & Primark Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in Dark Purple


Now.. if you have read my previous post you will know how obsessed I have been with this little gem. I have only ever owned one Mac lipstick before (I know… slap on the wrist for being a bad beauty blogger).. but I finally caved in and purchased Whirl. This was again influenced by all you girls out there (seriously .. you damage my bank account).


WHY I love this:

  • Let’s face it.. brown lipsticks have been HUGE this year… and this is the absolute PERFECT shade for my skin tone
  • It is so creamy and easy to apply, and the pigmentation on this is INSANE

NOT so good points

  • The only negative I have.. the fact that they cost £15 a pop (eeeek!).. but as mentioned.. the are 100% worth the splurge and I will be picking up some more!


Now.. if you have watched my last video you would have seen me using this little guy… Primark have a fab range of lip crayons… including nudes, reds and dark shades (wooo for Primark!).

WHY I love this:

  • The colour of this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL… if you love your dark purples… you will love this… it is just the PERFECT Autumn shade
  • It is so easy to use… I feel like I literally colouring in my lips with a pencil (ha).. it is effortless!

NOT so good points

  • Unfortunately.. these are not the longest lasting things (well.. I wasn’t expecting much as they only cost 2 quid)..  It’s a good thing they apply really easily ey.


So they are my fave matte lip products that I have found and become so obsessed with (erm.. besides Birthday Suit). I’d love to know if you have tried any of these and what your thoughts were!

NOW… lets go through a few tips that I have picked up when it comes to matte lips… because COME ON GUYS.. we all know that matte lips are not the easiest to work with right?

  • Exfoliate your lips well beforehand… whether it is using a good old toothbrush, or  Lush lib scrub.. it is so essential that you remove all that dead skin on your lips to ensure you have a smooth base to work on
  • After exfoliating… use your favourite lip balm to moisturize your lips so you have the perfect base
  • I find using a lip liner is so essential when it comes to matte lips as it ensures you have an outline to work with. It also makes any matte lip last so much longer and intensifies the colour so much

Right guys.. I hope this was helpful for you all if you are on the hunt for some matte lipsticks! I have never been much of a glossy/sheen lip girlie… so it is matte lips ALL THE WAY for me. I am always on the hunt for more matte products.. so do let me know your faves girlies. I will appreciate it.. although my bank balance will probably kill me for it.

Have an absolutely AMAZING day… I am off to film a video and create my marble background for my blog photos (I FINALLY brought some marble sticky back plastic… woo!).

Lots of Love,



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August Favourites♥


You are probably sick to death of hearing it.. BUT CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE NOW IN SEPTEMBER!? Where on earth has this year gone?! We are WAY past the halfway mark and heading into the colder months (and dare I say it… THE FESTIVE SEASON!). Don’t be disheartened that the summer (or whatever we had of it) has now passed.. we have SO much to look forward to (cozier evenings, hot chocolates, Halloween, Bonfire Night, my FAVOURITE season .. I’ll let you take a wild guess as to what that is HA!).

SO.. I do not do these type of posts on a regular basis, but I have found that when I do they are always popular (and not to mention one of my FAVES to read).. and that is, monthly favourites! I love reading about what other people have loved over the past month, as I always find I discover new things to try! SO lets have a run through of what I loved for the month of August!


Neautrogena Pink Grapefruit Range*


If you have watched my previous YT videos, you will know that I have already banged on about this particular range from Neautrogena, but I was actually lucky enough to receive the ENTIRE range from Superdrug (ahhhhh!). I have absolutely been LOVING the oil free moisturizer and scrub. The scrub is SO gentle and leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and clean. I like to use this on a morning to really wake myself up AND with it being a scrub, I always feel like I am treating myself in the morning. It’s one of those things that really makes you feel pampered and has me excited to wash my face (which is ALWAYS a plus on a Monday morning!). The moisturizer has become my staple one too… it gives my skin the right amount of moisture, but at the same time helps keep my oiliness at bay too! Do not even get me started on the scent.. if you like your citrus products, I cannot recommend this range ENOUGH.

Botanicals Moroccan Rose Facial Oil*


Recently.. I have started adding facial oil into my everyday skincare routine.. and oh my.. WHY DID I NOT DO THIS SOONER?! If you are yet to try this, or are thinking “is it really worth that extra step?”, the answer is HELL YEAH. I have been OBSESSED with this Moroccan rose one from Botanicals, it is a lightweight oil that comes in the CUTEST bottle ever (I am obsessed with pipettes at the minute). I love the fact that it sinks into your skin so quickly and does not leave any sort of oil residue. The scent is absolutely AMAZING.. and I am not usually the biggest lover of rose scented things.. but that has quite a sweet, floral scent. On an evening, I apply  4-5 drops onto my face and massage it in, then finish off with my regular moisturizer. NOW.. the real effects of this serum show when you wake up.. my skin is literally SO soft and has the most beautiful glow to it. I really have noticed a massive difference in how my skin feels, how much better makeup applies and how radiant my skin looks. I LOVE this product so much.. HIGHLY recommend trying it girls.

Mac Whirl Matte Lipstick



Can you guys believe I have only ever purchased two Mac lipsticks in my life? Yep.. worst beauty blogger EVER right here. I think it is because I am SO in love with my Rimmel Kate Moss ones.. I just could not justify spending over £15 on one lipstick. BUT HOLD THE PHONE GUYS.. this girl right here has been converted. I purchased Whirl a few weeks ago.. and I do not think I have ever loved a lipstick SO much (well.. besides 107)… the colour and formulation are just INSANE. I ate, drank and chatted away and I only had to reapply once in the day! Now the choice was between Whirl and the ever so popular Velvet Teddy.. but I am so chuffed that I went for Whirl.. I just find the colour suits my skin tone so so much better and doesn’t wash me out. I will definitely be rocking this well into Autumn/Winter too.. and it has DEFINITELY made me want more Mac lipsticks. I think my next purchase will be a vampy, dark colour.. let me know your recommendations!

Natural Collection Brow Pencil*


Recently, my Maybelline Brow Satin came to the end of it’s life.. and I thought to myself instead of doing the usual “re-purchase”, creature of habit thing I do.. I was going to give something else a go! I recently got my hands on the new Natural Collection brow products and have been testing them out (I also featured this in my latest makeup testing video.. IF you fancy a watch). Now.. there are two things that I absolutely love about this product. ONE: It shapes/defines my eyebrows so quickly and naturally & TWO: it only costs £1.99 (I KNOW!). I love Natural Collection products so so much.. as they are so affordable yet work absolutely amazingly! It is a pencil that I find it feels more like a wax once it is on your brows, and also comes with a spoolie on one end (which my Maybelline one never had),and it matches the colour of my brows so well!

Pug PJ’s


Ohhh.. there was NO WAY I was going to do an August faves and not mention these. Guys… have you ever seen anything cuter?! I pride myself in having the best PJ collection and love picking up new ones.. and I give you one guess of where these are from? Yep.. Primark! If you know me, I practically live in PJ’s… and these have definitely been the ones I reach for more than any others. At the moment, it is not cold enough to rock fuzzy PJ’s all the time – these are a lovely cotton so keep you cool too!

Topshop Metallic Trainers


THESE. ARE. THE. BEST. PURCHASE. I. MADE. End of. Right.. I think I need to actually speak properly about these ha! I picked them up in the Topshop sale and honestly they have not left my feet! They literally go with SO many things and are so comfortable to wear! I had always wanted a glittery pair of trainers… but did think they might be a little too “in your face”, so these are definitely the perfect balance! I cannot even tell you how obsessed I am with these … I have never been much of a sandal wearer.. so I wore these constantly through the month of August.. and will continue to do so until it is appropriate to wear boots again!

Whistle Candy Floral Bomber*


If there is one item of clothing that had to make it into my faves.. it was definitely going to be this STUNNING floral bomber from Whistle Candy. I am in LOVE with bomber jackets.. they have made a massive comeback and are such a popular trend.. I have seen them everywhere! I love the fact that the colours mean I can transition it into Autumn too.. and it really does go with so many items in my wardrobe. It is a lightweight jacket, but I can definitely layer it up for when it gets colder! OBSESSED.

AHHHHH I loved babbling on about all of these.. favourite posts are definitely one of my faves to write.. I just find it so easy to talk about things I love! I really hoped you liked reading about them too, and maybe even give some of them a go? Also.. pre warning .. be prepared to see my blog/YT channel turn very Autumnal now that we are in September. I literally have so many ideas and I am SO excited to get working on them! There is something about the colder months that just makes me want to blog more! Anybody else the same?

OK.. I think that is enough for today… thank you SO much for reading loves… I cannot WAIT to see you all in my next post!

Lots of Love,



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*Items have been gifted for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.


My Beauty/Lifestyle hacks you HAVE to try!

Hiya girlies

It’s been a while. Sorry. You know when life just gets in the way? Yep that happened. Work has just been busy, I have been SO tired everyday.. and to be honest it was nice to have a few days away from everything blogging-wise. Sometimes it is just needed, right?

ANYWAY.. I am back and all set to blog properly again (I am aware I have said this for the past few weeks… this time I mean it, hehe). I think now that Autumn is peeking it’s little head through.. I am more motivated to post. If you didn’t already know (lets be real.. you all probably do because I haven’t stopped talking about it since the beginning of August, HAHA!), I bloody LOVE Autumn. I even posted about the reasons why I cannot wait for it (shameless plug right here guys).

Now.. onto this post. I am such a huge fan of beauty/lifestyle “hacks”.. tricks that people use to make their lives easier. There are SO many out there.. it can be easy to drown in them and not be sure which ones to use. SO… I thought it would be fun to talk you through MY “hacks” that I use. I have SO many.. but to be honest, I’d be here ALL DAY if I spoke about them all!

My GO-TO Beauty & Lifestyle Hacks!


Coconut oil really CAN be used for everything.


You know when people used to say you can do anything with coconut oil.. I was like .. meh sure. BUT .. I thought I would actually try and see how many things I could use it for. And you know what? You are right.. it can literally be used for EVERYTHING… and I thought I would make a good ol’ list of my fave ways to use it, so you can also incorporate coconut oil into your life. Thank me later guys.

Teeth Whitening

You know that age old trick of oil pulling? Yep it works. I know the idea of swishing oil around in your mouth for 15 minutes would be enough to make some of you vom, but it really is worth trying. I’ll be honest, the first time you try it.. it is weird. A trick to make it easier? Instead of putting a spoon of solid coconut oil in your mouth, try melting it first… it will still feel strange, but not THAT strange🙂. It is something that takes some time to show results, but it is easy enough to add into your routine (just don’t let anyone make you laugh whilst you are swishing away).

Removing Make-up

I discovered how good coconut oil was at removing makeup once when I was lazing around downstairs and noticed a jar of coconut oil on the fireplace (I don’t know what it was doing there either). I literally just scooped some out on my hand and massaged it over my face. I pretty soon had panda eyes and melted foundation on my skin (exactly what happens when I use my cleansing balms). It did an AMAZING job of removing every ounce of makeup.. although it did leave my face feeling a little on the greasier side. I washed my face as normal.. and noticed the difference in how soft my skin felt.


Overnight Foot Treatment

I have never been one to invest a lot of money into overnight foot treatments… mainly because people rave about the old trick of vaseline and fuzzy socks.WELL… I am not the biggest fan of vaseline (the smell, feel, taste… OK I am joking about the taste, HA).. so I thought I would give coconut oil a go. Guys… it does an AMAZING job at making your feet feel so soft and hydrated. All I do is put LOADS of this stuff over my feet, put socks on over the top and sleep with them. Seriously, try it.

I wanted to list SO many more uses of coconut oil… but I would be here for days. These are just my favourite things to do.. beauty wise. Let me know if you want another post/video specifically on this!

Showering after work/school/uni

I was always one to either shower in the morning (and end up rushing, getting stressed/sweaty, and thinking WHAT WAS THE POINT), or leave showering right before bed (and then usually end up being too tired, thinking LEAVE it, and showering in the morning.. read above). I am sure so many of you can relate.. especially those who work full time. So.. how have I got myself out of this circle? Shower as soon as I get in from work. This might be what a lot of you already do.. but I always wanted to catch up on social media after work, then have my dinner, then catch up on soaps.. and the time would just keep ticking. Now.. I force myself to shower as soon as I get home.. and it helps SO much. I feel so much more awake after work so feel like I can be more productive.. AND I can get my makeup off straight away (and usually do some sort of face mask too).

My go to makeup for getting up late?

We all know the feeling… seeing that you have slept in and literally have 15 minutes to get ready. S***. Showering the evening before comes in handy now doesn’t it? Now.. unfortunately I am not lucky enough to be able to leave the house without looking poorly.. so I have mastered doing my makeup in 5 minutes with my essential items!


  • Foundation – I have the most pale, dull skin .. so foundation is a MUST
  • Concealer – Dark circles.. biggest problem ever. Concealer = My bestie
  • Mascara – I look dead without mascara
  • Cream Blush – I find it so much quicker and easier.. and it looks so much more natural
  • Highlighter – Makes such a difference to how awake you look – an ESSENTIAL
  • Brows – I didn’t realize how much of a difference these made – now no matter how much I am rushing.. I ALWAYS do my brows.
  • Dark/Bright Lips – unless it is a work day.. then I will stick to lip balm.



It might sound crazy.. but I suggest testing yourself to see if you can do your makeup in a rush… it can be fun and will prepare you for those rushed mornings🙂

Concealer application – the RIGHT way

For SO long.. I would apply concealer by just following the shape of my eye.. BUT .. there is a better way to apply it. It is called the triangle trick.. and yep you guessed it.. just apply your concealer in the shape of a triangle under your eyes (the point facing your cheek), and blend as normal. Why is this better? It helps brighten your face, as well as still concealing your dark circles.

The BEST thing for spots/breakouts

I have mentioned this before but I cannot emphasize ENOUGH how good this trick actually works. Savlon or Germolene (an antiseptic cream usually used for cuts/grazes or bites) is what I have been using on my spots for YEARS.. and it has been a lifesaver. As soon as I see a spot coming along.. I apply a thin layer of this, and it reduces any redness/swelling SO quickly. I swear by it.. and even keep some in my handbag for any  emergencies!


The yummiest face mask EVER

If you know me, you will know how much I LOVE  a good face mask! I also dabble in some DIY projects here and there, so it is no surprise that I am a huge lover of DIY face masks! I have a go-to face mask that is literally good enough to eat (ahem.. I know from personal experience). It is a worth a try guys.. I am so sure you will love it!


1/2 cup cocoa powder (dark is BEST .. as it has lots of anti-oxidants!)

1/4 cup honey

4 tbsp cream (both double and single are fine)

3 tbsp oats

Mix it all together.. apply onto clean skin, leave on for around 20 minutes and wash off!

SO.. they are my top beauty/lifestyle hacks.. I hope this can help some of you! I LOVED this post so so much.. let me know if you want me to do a fashion one too?

Thank you SO MUCH for reading loves… let me know your thoughts!




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7 reasons I can’t wait for Autumn


Now.. I don’t know about you.. but I am the biggest fan of “list type” blog posts.. and there has been one particular thing that I have been listing in my head. Something that I am literally SO EXCITED for… and I know SO many of you are too!

*cough cough.. Autumn*

I get that some of you may be thinking WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PLAYING AT.. it is still too early to be thinking about the change of seasons. But guys.. I am just SO ready for Autumn… I honestly could not resist sitting down and chatting about it. You know when you are just so excited about something? Yep… that is me right now. You want to know something else? I am sat wrapped up in a blanket, with a cuppa, burning a candle & listening to Fairytale of New York (fyi.. THE BEST Christmas song). I DON’T EVEN CARE, MUAHA!

OK… maybe I am getting a little bit ahead of myself…

Seriously though… Autumn.. here are 7 reasons why I cannot WAIT for it

*BTW.. like my little friend? He is PERFECT for Halloween*


You are allowed to drink hot chocolate every single evening. Yes you  read that .. EVERY EVENING. And I am not talking cocoa powder and milk stirred up and shoved in the microwave.. NO NO! I am talking Nutella melted with milk in a saucepan, topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate wafers… the list goes on. The more sugar/chocolate, (basically unhealthy shit crap), the better.

Dark lips become the norm again. Time to start rocking those gorgeous, berry lips again girls (and not have people give you funny looks/thinking you are a goth).


Over-sized cardigans. That feeling of being able to chuck on a cardigan that is 3 sizes too big and rock that look like you are the sassiest chic around. You know what? I don’t think I have ever bought a cardigan that is my size. And I love it.. I always feel like I am carrying a blanket around my shoulders during the colder months, HA! Also.. I am not the biggest fan of summer clothes.. there is just something about being able to snuggle up in your clothes and layering up with scarves/gloves (eeeeeek I am SO excited!)

HALLOWEEN. I LOVE Halloween SO SO SO much… if you know me… you will know how much I LOVE scary movies.. and just creepy things in general. So.. it is pretty obvious that I am a huge fan of Halloween. Another thing that I can’t wait for? Carving pumpkins, decorating my desk at work & room (if the hubs doesn’t mind ha!), and posting Halloween themed blogposts/videos (hopefully!!).


Darker evenings. Cozy evenings in are my favourite! Now.. I know that the clocks don’t actually go back until the end of October (when we get that EXTRA HOUR IN BED), but the evenings do start to get darker when September hits. Don’t get me wrong.. Summer evenings are AMAZING (for the few we have in UK)… but I much prefer cuddling up on the sofa with a hot drink and surrounded by candles, hehe. That’s got to beat all those sweaty, humid nights right?

Autumn walks and CONKER HUNTING. There is just something so nostalgic about searching for conkers… It is such a nice way to spend an afternoon! Also.. going for a walk when all the leaves have started to change colour .. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE OUTFIT PHOTOS!


I can wear fuzzy socks and PJ’s without getting sweaty legs/feet. I am sure if you have read my blog/followed my social media for a while.. you will know the massive obsession I have with PJ bottoms. I always stock up on a few (erm.. OK.. LOTS) of pairs when Autumn hits. And of course.. I get the warmest, fuzziest, most random printed ones.. as you do.


SO… If you weren’t already.. I hope my post has you very excited for Autumn (like me!).

Are you excited for Autumn? If so.. let me know what you favourite thing about it is!

Thank you SO much for reading – and make sure to leave me a comment to let me know what you thought! See you all in my next one.

Lots of Love,



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Metallic Trainers?!

Happy Saturday guys!

Its the weekend!!! And I have a good old fashion post for you all today!

So… I am sure you have all noticed what it is like in the shops at the minute … it is that awkward stage between Summer and Autumn where there seems to 3 types of things out:

  • A small amount of the new season Autumn bits
  • Holiday items and some very summery items
  • Massive sale racks with a lot of the things you wanted in Summer which are now 50% off (including the things you bought full price –  grr).


I find this time so awkward when shopping.. because all I want to do is buy everything for Autumn.. even though I know it is a little bit too early, and I will probably look eager (and like I am just wishing the summer away). I know so many of you are the same though… all I am seeing on social media is “Cannot wait for cozy  jumpers/boots/scarves”… lets be honest guys, Autumn really is the BEST SEASON EVER.  BUT… I have made a promise to myself (and also to spare the few people who want to hang on to Summer).. that I will not post a single Autumn inspired post until September, K?

Now… a MASSIVE trend that I saw around Summer (and this will probably carry on into Autumn) was metallics. Honestly.. I have NO idea how I would wear metallic style clothing.. I might have to look up a few blog posts for inspiration guys. ONE THING I have become obsessed with is metallic accessories.. and  I have been on the hunt for some glittery (YES GLITTERY) shoes for AGES. Then.. whilst hunting through the Topshop sale racks, my sister spotted something that I instantly fell in love with.

They were metallic. They were SIZE 3 (it is so rare for me to find my shoe size in the sale). AND .. they were £12! You know that moment where you want something in the sale so badly you don’t care that you look like an absolute lunatic when you go to grab it? Yep, guilty.


I did try to sneak in some Autumn-ness into this post (I am rocking berry lips.. muaha.). It is Sleek’s Vino Tinto Matte Me Lipstick FYI.







I also managed to pick up this over-sized shirt in the Topshop sale too – because let’s face it, there is NOTHING better than an over-sized, checked shirt. If there is one item you need for this awkward time between the seasons.. make it this. It’s cool enough to wear when it is slightly warmer.. but also is perfect for layering.



Seriously guys … check out the sales (especially Topshop).. you can sometimes find some absolute gems (they are not all full of foundation stained, weirdly printed clothes!).

Outfit Details:
Shirt – Topshop
Trainers – Topshop
Jeggings – Zara
Scarf – Primark

Right guys.. have an absolutely AMAZING weekend… I think I am going to try and film a lookbook ..I will let you know if that is successful (ha!)




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Money Money: Budgeting & Saving

Hey hey!

WELCOME BACK GUYS! I hope you have all had an amazing weekend… and are feeling ready to take on this week! I had a lovely weekend doing some shopping, having a BBQ (we had GORGEOUS weather on Saturday) and sorting some blog stuff out!

Now… lets get on a more serious note guys. You are probably thinking WHAT? Saira, being all serious on her blog, really? Well.. yep.. my blog has always been a fun, chilled out place where I babble on about my favourite fashion items and what Lush things I love.. BUT I have never discussed a topic which can sometimes be seen as controversial… and that is.. money money money.


OK… so money is a very private topic.. it is not something that we like to discuss openly with anyone… because we feel like someone will instantly judge you if they know how much money you have (it’s normal guys.. it happens). It is important to know that everybody’s money situation is different and personal to them, and nobody should be judged based on how they spend their money.

So… me, and probably every single 20-something year old has something they are saving towards.. whether that is a house, car, holiday.. even a handbag they are waiting to splurge on. At the moment.. me and Saj are putting the majority of our money towards a deposit for our first house together… so that, and a few other things really inspired me to write up this post. So… if you want to have read about how I budget and save my money.. grab a cuppa and keep reading!

ALSO… quick disclaimer.. I am NO expert in managing money.. I have just picked up things along the way and I know what works for me. I wanted to share my tips with you all so it could maybe help some of you that need it!


Have a Budget – And STICK TO IT

Seriously.. I cannot even TELL you how much a budget helps. I know the feeling.. come payday, you have a HUGE wishlist on ASOS of things you have been LUSTING over the past month. The feeling you get when the postman brings your package… it is the best feeling in the world! But.. that’s all your money gone.. and you end up skint for the rest of the month feeling poopy. Now.. I am not saying put all your money away… just set some aside for treating yourself ..  you deserve it. Whether that is £50, £100.. whatever you are able to afford… put that in your spending account and put the rest into savings. Trust me guys.. it is not as hard as you might think to have a monthly budget. All you need is the right mindset.. think of the bigger picture. That money spent on clothes could be put aside to help buy you your new car or put towards money for your new home.


Know your Outgoings

We all have it.. money that HAS to go out every month.. you have no other choice. Becoming an adult means you have rent/car insurance/council tax/mobile phone bills to pay.. so make sure you always separate this money aside from your spending money. Work out how much each will cost each month.. and see this money as  “untouchable”.

Stop Unnecessary Spending

We all do it.. you didn’t make your lunch so you fork out a fiver for it everyday.. those morning coffee runs… takeaways because you forgot to prep dinner. GUYS… this can all be sorted by a little bit of organisation! Prepare your lunch the night before, make your own coffee at home and buy a thermos so you can have it on the go (Primark have the most adorable ones). Dinner can be also be prepped the night before, all ready for when you come home from work. Seriously guys… tally up how much these “unnecessary” things cost.. and you will notice that you save yourself £100’s, heck even £1000’s every year. It all adds up in the long run.


Have A Separate Account for Savings

It might seem a little bit of a headache to have 3-4 different accounts.. but it can really help you keep control of your spendings and savings. I personally have one for my regular spendings (the account that I transfer my monthly budget into), one for savings (this does NOT get touched… only in emergencies), and also a Help To Buy ISA (more on this next). Having separate accounts means you can keep track of how much money you have to spend, and also helps to see how much you have saved.

Consider a Help To Buy ISA

Now.. if you are in the process of saving some money for a deposit on your first house, having a HTB IA can really help you. Basically.. it is an account that you can put a certain amount of money in, you are unable to withdraw this money as you can choose to not get a card, and once you have enough and are ready for a mortgage, the government will give you some money back (the more you have in, the more they give you), and this can help towards purchasing your new home. If you are married/have a partner you can both have one, and the government will give you money back on BOTH ISA’s.. meaning you get twice the money back. It really is worth checking out.. I am with Santander, but I know a lot of other banks offer this service too.

Have a Goal in Mind

Having a goal can really help motivate you to save as much money as possible. You know your income loves, so you can set realistic goals that you can work with. Like I mentioned.. we are saving for a house and this is always in my head when I am feeling a bit crappy that I cannot spend my money on makeup/clothes…because I know how satisfying it will be to reach that goal sooner rather than later.


So guys… they are my tips that I go by for budgeting and saving money. It can seem quite scary and daunting at first..but all it takes is a little bit of planning and patience. Everybody is capable of saving at some point..but remember if you find yourself in some trouble, there are always professional people that can help you.. it is always best to talk to someone and not suffer in silence.

I hope this was helpful to some of you.. it is a little bit more serious than my usual posts but it is such an important topic to discuss.. and I know a lot of my fellow bloggers are in similar situations!

I will see you all in my next post guys.. sending you lots of love!!



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Brush on Falsies? YES PLEASE!

Hiya guys!

Have you had an amazing week so far? I HOPE SO!

Should I be completely honest? I have been feeling a little poopy recently (blog wise)… I just feel as though I do not seem to have the time/motivation to blog as much as I want to. I have so many post ideas.. but just cannot seem to find the time to get them done! I am not sure if I am still slightly in holiday mode… but I seriously need to get myself back into the routine.. I miss the whole blogging community/world so much!

SO… I thought the perfect way to get into myself BACK INTO IT was to babble on about a beauty item I have been LOVING so much! Sounds about right ey?

Right… so I am the BIGGEST LOVER of long, fluttery, dramatic lashes, and am always on the hunt for a cult mascara (I know I am not the only one either right?). Also.. every single girl out there is a MASSIVE lover of false eyelashes too..  but I am one of those who just cannot seem to grasp HOW YOU GET THEM ON. I have watched numerous videos, tried SO many different falsies… but they just do not seem to sit right (BOO!). So… what’s a girl to do?

I was recently approached by BPerfect Cosmetics to try their Brush on Lash Mascara*…which is an alternative to eyelash extensions, and uses a gel based formula and green tea fibre (what!?) to give your lashes that gorgeous, defined “falsie” effect. I was so excited to try this and see if it actually worked.. so here was my take on giving it a go!




Firstly.. can we just appreciate the simple, classic packaging? Sometimes.. it is all about keeping it minimalistic to really make an impression. Now don’t get me wrong guys.. I am a massive lover of over the top, brightly coloured packaging… but the sleek packaging of this is just PERFECT!

Now.. how do you use it? It is pretty self explanatory… you apply the gel mascara first, which just adds some length and curl to your lashes. Then.. you apply the fibre mascara… and this is where the magic happens. It can look a little scary at first.. like you are applying fluff to your eyelashes. In fact.. the first time I tried this… I think I was a little too eager and did not read the instructions… and ended up applying the fibre mascara to the whole length of my lashes. Safe to say..  I ended up with quite a few fluffy bits in my eyes (not pleasant at all!). 



I then gave it another go… and added the fibre to just the tips of my lashes (what you are actually supposed to do Saira, for goodness sake). Once you have done this, you apply another coat of the gel mascara to “seal” in the fibres and leave this to dry. Now.. this is when I was HIGHLY impressed with the result. My lashes were longer, thicker and SUPER dramatic. It did look like I had falsies on (WIN), but without the hassle and fiddling around. What I loved about this is that the effect lasting the WHOLE DAY..and when I say a whole day.. I mean it guys. I applied this at around 9AM… and my lashes still looked absolutely perfect at 11PM that night. There was no panda eyes in sight, no smudging, and no sign of the fibres hanging off awkwardly (not bad at all, if I do say so myself).

Another thing that I absolutely LOVE about this product? It literally takes no time/effort at all to remove! I use either micellar water or a cleansing balm.. but it can also be removed with just warm water! AN ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL FOR ME. We all know dramatic lashes on an evening out are NEEDED… but nobody likes faffing around at midnight trying to get off stubborn mascara.. so this is even more reason to love products like this. I also like that you can use this for a natural look, but also add a few extra coats for something more dramatic.

The only issue I had was with the gel mascara.. and it was the scent of it. BUT to be honest.. once it is on your eyes.. it does not even bother you at all!

Overall thoughts guys? I really really like this brush on mascara.. it is FAB at giving your lashes that “falsies” look without all the fiddling around, there is no smudging, it lasts all day, and the removal process is EFFORTLESS! I highly recommend it guys.. it is a fab alternative to lash extensions & falsies too, and is an absolute LIFESAVER for those of you with shaky hands (ahem.. me).

SO THAT IS ALL FROM ME FOR TODAY LOVES. I hope you enjoyed my little ramble.. I have missed just typing away to you guys about things I have been loving.. and maybe I have even influenced you to give products like this a go!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING.. and also your continuous support.. it really means so much! I will see you all in my next post!

Lots of Love,



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*Items were sent to me for consideration. All opinions are my own

Holiday Blues

Hey guys….

Muaha.. do you see what I did there with the title? Yep.. it was 2 weeks ago that I was having the best time EVER on holiday in Hisaronu, Turkey (FYI.. I have a full post all about my trip.. check it out). I am suffering from some SERIOUS holiday blues guys… I just want to be back in the sun, not worrying about work and just RELAXING! If only ey? Unfortunately, real life called and it was back to waking up at 6AM, working Monday to Friday and making the most of my weekends!

One thing I was definitely looking forward to after returning back from my holiday was getting back into blogging. As I had Ramadan, and then my holiday straight after.. my poor little blog got pushed to a side… but this break has definitely helped me feel more inspired and so much more motivated to do well with my blog and make it the best I possibly can! I always have so so many people ask me how on EARTH I manage to balance a blog, YT channel AND full time work.. and I will be honest.. it does get really tough sometimes. However.. because I see blogging as my “me-time”, I look forward to working on it after work! So.. even though I WISH I was back in Turkey.. it is nice to have a routine again!

One thing that I really missed so so much was the fashion element of my blog.. I feel like my blog has been so focused on beauty recently.. so I wanted to bring back my good ol’ OOTD’S (!!). I am SO SO excited because I recently got a tripod too so I am hoping to film some Lookbook’s on my YT channel.. let me know if you would like to see these loves!

Right.. I think I have babbled on enough .. should we get onto the actual outfit Saira?

I wanted to focus this outfit on a single item that I think is absolutely essential for the British Summer. Now.. we had a STUNNING few days of very hot weather (I felt like I was back in Turkey guys), and then you blink and it is back to cloudy, windy cold days.  Oh, the joys of British Summer (ha!). Anyway… back to my fashion essential for Summer time…

… A kimono.





I bloody love kimonos.. I am obsessed with cardigans in Autumn/Winter.. and kimonos are my alternative for the warmer months! They are just SO easy to wear.. and give your outfit that instant “boho” look to it.

I picked up this beautiful blue one from George at ASDA.. YEP YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I fell in love and knew I had to have it! The print is so stunning .. and this blue colour looks gorgeous on every skintone!


I kept the rest of my outfit simple with a grey t-shirt (from where other than Primark?), some black jeggings (do I ever wear anything else), and some white loafers (another essential for Summer girls).




Also.. you guys know I am not the biggest fan of dressing up.. I much prefer to keep things casual when I go out and have my makeup more dramatic, or switch up my accessories.. so instead of my usual day bag.. I paired the outfit with a clutch instead! I LOVE this simple clutch.. I can think of SO many outfits that it would go with.. In fact…I actually used this clutch on my registry wedding (hehe).


Kimono – George @ Asda

T-Shirt – Primark

Jeggings – Zara

White Loafers – Peacocks

Sunglasses – Peacocks

Hijab – Mum’s

Clutch – LYDC* (10% anything from LYDC using the code SAIRA10)



Seriously guys.. for what is left of the summer (tehehe), go and get yourself a kimono… I can guarantee it will become one of your most worn items in the summer! They look stunning over dresses (both maxi and mini), skirts, shorts, jeans.. basically everything (ha).

Right guys.. I am going to love you and leave you.. wishing I was back in Hisaronu…

LOVE YOU ALL LOADS.. and I will see you all in my next post.

Lots Of Love,



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Travel Diaries: Hisaronu, Turkey

Well well well. GUESS WHO IS BACK!

I am back guys.. after my first blogging break EVER.. I think I have been away for about 2 weeks… it literally feels like 2 months! Those of you who blog will know EXACTLY what I mean.. what is it about being away from the internet? BUT.. I thought I would ease myself back into the whole blogging world with a chatty post.. giving you all an update AND sharing a little diary with you from my trip to Turkey!

SO… I took a break as I was going on my first holiday IN YEARS to Hisaronu, Turkey… and honestly.. the last thing I wanted was to be stressing if my scheduled posts had actually uploaded. BUT AT LEAST THAT MEANS WE CAN HAVE A HUGE CATCH UP, WOO!

Monday 11th July

Our first day was mainly travelling.. so off we toddled with our suitcases to Manchester Airport… got through security with no problems and boarded our flight! I spent most of the 4 hour journey reading Gone Girl and taking numerous trips to the TINY airplane loos because I could not stop drinking water. After reaching Dalaman airport (and SWEATING in the 30C heat at 8PM), we got our transfer to our hotel. I stayed at the Sunconnect Liberty Hotel in Hisaronu.. which I cannot recommend ENOUGH.. It was amazing and is SO close to the main strip.. it literally would take us around 5 minutes to walk there! It also took around 10/15 minutes (by taxi) to get to Fethiye & Oludeniz.. which are the main beach/harbour areas! We reached the hotel and got settled around midnight.. and actually ended up eating at the hotel because as you can imagine.. travelling all day = A VERY HUNGRY & TIRED COUPLE.



Tuesday 12th July

We were up and ready for 8AM as we had chosen the bed and breakfast option at the hotel (you can upgrade to half board whilst you are there), had breakfast and then ventured onto the main Hisaronu street. There is honestly SO much to do, the amount of restaurants, bars and shops that are there is CRAZY! I don’t drink so didn’t really venture into the bars, but if you prefer mocktails, desserts, waffles, even Nargile (which is a popular Turkish tradition… google it), you will literally be spoilt for choice. So… me and Saj were not really after a “quiet” holiday.. so we booked some excursions straight away. On this day.. we went to the Fethiye Market which was AMAZING… you really feel like you get stuck into the culture and lifestyle whilst you are there. We then ventured into Kayakoy, which is an abandoned village, and referred to as the “Ghost Town”.. you can imagine is has a very eerie feel to it too! Today also included riding on some camels, eating chicken shish and visiting a garden restaurant called “Happy Days”.. which had a crazy obsession with Elvis Presley (yep.. I know ha!)






Wednesday 13th July

Today was actually my birthday.. although I actually FORGOT numerous times (ha!).. anybody else ever had that? We went down to the Olu Deniz beach.. which has the popular Blue Lagoon. Guys.. this beach is just absolutely STUNNING.. we went on some pedalo boats, spent some time relaxing… and then walked over to the main harbour. We had lunch overlooking the beach, did some shopping and saw numerous paragliders. Now I am a bit of an adrenaline freak .. but paragliding for me even seemed TOO EXTREME! We then spent the evening exploring the strip … if anyone has been to Turkey, you will know how friendly the locals are – I don’t think I have ever met a bunch of friendlier people!



Thursday 14th July

We actually went quad biking today.. which was INSANE.. we drove through villages, the mountains and forests.. it was so much fun! Then.. we ventured onto the Fethiye Harbour where we came across a McDonalds (eeeek!)… Turkey has the most amazing food ever.. but you just need a Mcdonalds sometimes right? The rest of the day was spent by the pool, and then eating Turkish food and ice cream!




Friday 15th July

Guys.. today I went UNDER THE SEA (cue Sebastian in The Little Mermaid).. we went Scuba Diving! Oh my goodness.. this was probably the most AMAZING experience ever.. if any of you have tried it you will know what I mean. To be honest.. I panicked quite a bit before I actually went into the water.. as you can imagine breathing underwater is not normal behaviour so it does take some getting used to.. BUT I was SO chuffed that I went ahead with it. The rest of the day was spend relaxing on the boat and trying to spot some turtles (which I unfortunately did not see in the sea.. but saw one strolling along the path near our hotel, ha!).



Saturday 16th July

We had our first chilled out morning since arriving… had breakfast (Turkish breakfast is probably one of my most favourite things EVER guys).. then spent some time near the pool. Our afternoon was spent horse-riding in the mountains… and seeing the most BEAUTIFUL views of the blue lagoon.. I don’t think I could ever get over how stunning it is! And of course.. our evening was spent on the main Hisaronu street discovering new places to eat!



Sunday 17th July

Another chilled out morning.. I got a pedicure whilst Saj spent some time near the pool (ahem… it cost me £8 for a full pedicure, including re-painting my nails!). Then.. for the evening we travelled to the Fethiye Harbour.. which is absolutely STUNNING at night! We got some dinner, ice cream, walked along the harbour and visited a Nargile (or Shisha/Hookah) place overlooking the sea! It was definitely the best way to spend our last night there!



Monday 18th July

Our last day (boo!!). The plane home wasn’t until 9:40pm.. so me and Saj booked ourselves for a 1 1/2 hour spa session! This including a Turkish bath, full body exfoliation/foam massage, 2 additional massages and a facial! I don’t think we have both ever felt so relaxed in our lives, ha! And an extra bonus, it only cost us £35 each (eeeek!). It was SUCH a good way to end our trip! Then… at 6pm we were collected by our transfer.. had some Mcdonalds at the airport, boarded our flight.. and four hours later.. landed safely at Manchester just after midnight! Phew!

I honestly had SUCH an amazing time in Turkey! I know there had been some issues in Istanbul .. but we never came across any problems in Hisaronu… in fact I felt safe every single day I was there. It is so heart breaking to see such a beautiful country going through the trouble that it is. So many people are avoiding Turkey all together now… and it is such a shame because the people/food/certain places in general are amazing. I really hope things do get better soon.. it is such an amazing country to visit. The only negative I have? I got bitten like an absolute b****. Everything else.. perfect.

So lovelies.. I hope you enjoyed reading about my 7 days in Hisaronu, Turkey! Have you ever been? Do you have any holiday’s planned? Let me know.. I am already thinking of where I want to visit next!

I am SO happy to be back into the whole blogging world… I enjoyed my break but I definitely missed blogging! SO… It is back to my normal routine of 2 posts and one video.. I am planning on putting my posts up on Monday & Wednesday, and my video on Saturday.. but of course this is not strict and can (OK.. it probably will) change! I missed you guys loads.. IT IS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!

I will see you all in my next one lovelies.. will it be a beauty, fashion or lifestyle one? You will have to see (muahaha!).

Lots of Love,



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Travel Diaries – What’s In My Makeup Bag

Hiya sweeties

Hope you are all having a wonderful day! I am so chuffed because I have just finished work for 2 weeks (Wooo!).. I have been celebrating Eid for the past few days and then I am off on holiday! I honestly cannot wait… if you have been reading my blog for the past month or so… you will already be well aware of this!

Now… would I even be a beauty blogger without telling you what make up I am taking with me on holiday? Of course… I am not taking a crazy amount.. Turkey will be well over 30C when I go so putting on my usual, everyday makeup will NOT be happening. Instead… I am taking a small amount of products that are quick and easy to apply, yet will really highlight my skin after it picks up that lovely holiday glow!




Rimmel BB Cream

A BB cream is an absolute essential on holiday… unfortunately, not many of us have flawless, perfect skin… and I find BB creams really help in making your skin look flawless, yet still look and feel natural.

Crown Satin Foundation

I will be mixing this little baby with my moisturizer for a lovely, natural, glowing base on my skin! I find it WAY to shimmery to use as just a foundation… but mixed with a moisturizer is STUNNING!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

I definitely wanted to take a foundation for the evenings… so I was inspired by my girly Kat (over on Chapters of Kat) to pick up this foundation. Her.. and so many other bloggers for that matter rave about the light, healthy finish this foundation gives to your skin.. so I knew I wanted to pick it up.

Cheek Products


Sleek Solstice Highlighter

I have wanted to get my hands on this palette for SO long… and I FINALLY found it. This is one of those cult products that everyone has been raving about… and do you know what? I can honestly see why. I have been obsessed with this here.. so I can only IMAGINE how stunning it will look on holiday. Girls… I find it cringe to say.. but this is serious “highlighter goals”.. ha!


Seventeen Bronzing Rocks


Funnily enough… I have never been much of a bronzer girly .. BUT I think when you are on holiday… it is an essential right? You pick up the most stunning tan… and this has to be emphasized with a good bronzer yep? I am SO excited to use these bronzing rocks… do you remember bronzing pearls (I was OBSESSED with putting these all over my face these in Year 8.. they made me look like an oompah loompah.. wonderful)… I have picked up some tips since then and will stick to a light dusting with a large, fluffy brush I think (ha!).

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

This was a no-brainer when it came it going away. It is SO handy and literally has every single shade you would want for your cheeks whilst you are on holiday. Highlight, contour & bronzer… it is an absolute essential!

Miss Sporty Instaglow

I am definitely a blush girl.. but I wanted to focus more on bronzing my skin when I am away.. but I could not be without at least ONE blusher. This Miss Sporty one is a lovely, coral colour… PERFECT for adding some colour to your cheeks! Also… can I just say.. coral and summer just go hand in hand right?



Revlon Matte Balms

If you know me.. you will already know how much of a HUGE FAN I am of these little angels… the formulation/staying power/pigmentation is just INSANE! I picked up an absolutely beautiful coral shade (in the shade Stricking) too.. again coral and summer.. it is just perfect guys! Of course.. my usual, everyday berry shade (called Sultry) just HAD to come along with me too. It goes everywhere with me.. I couldn’t leave it behind…

Sleek Matte Me In Vino Tinto

I know what you are thinking… dark lips on holiday.. what am I… an additional member of the Adams family? BUT… there is just something SO gorgeous about dark lips in the summer… does anybody else agree? (Please say you do). The Sleek matte me lips are so popular… and this colour is an essential for dark lip lovers.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick In Ole Flamingo

 I love love this colour so much… I had to take this… it will look GORGEOUS on holiday! The formulation of these is amazing.. they last so long.. but you would literally not be able to tell you had anything on your lips at all! They are matte too.. which is a HUGE plus for me (matte lip loving girl right here guys).

No 7 Stay Perfect In Rose Kiss

It is another coral shade guys… but this one is slightly on the more pink side.. whereas the Revlon one is slightly more red. What can I say.. if there is something you want a lot of when going on holiday.. make it lip products.



Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a definite in my makeup bag for holiday. This is such a POPULAR mascara (I have never tried the original… can you believe it?!)… I know (well.. I hope) this mascara will not let me down on holiday! I will keep you updated loves.

Natural Collection Powder

Powder will be an essential item to dust over my t-zone to avoid any excess oil coming out during the day! This Natural Collection one is SO affordable and works amazingly!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I cannot recommend this setting spray enough… it is literally like a magical product! I know that it will not let me down in the humidity when I wear more makeup for the evenings. It is nice to pick up the mini version for going on holiday.. and it is a bargain at £9 too!

L’Oreal Infallible Primer

This primer is my go to one for keeping oil at bay… and I know it will be an essential for those hot, sweaty days in Turkey!

So guys.. they are all the makeup bits I am taking with me… to be honest I think I did pretty well in cutting it down to a sensible amount ha! Over the next few days I will just be getting ready to go away… so fingers crossed everything goes well!

 I hope that you enjoyed this post loves… I am hoping to upload one more post before I travel… as I will then be having a short break whilst I am away!!! See you in my next post!

Lots of Love,



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