Fresh Princess of Bel Air

Hi my loves 🙂

Hope you are are very well! I have had a very busy week at work.. and cannot believe it is Thursday tomorrow, let alone the beginning of October! Where has this year gone? I am not sure of the weather where you all are, but in Yorkshire, the mornings have been so foggy (Literally I have been unable to see what is in front of me whilst driving), yet by lunchtime, the sun is shining and we are in summer all over again! Oh, the joys of British weather :).

Anyways, I took these outfit pictures on Sunday, when it was the most beautiful day ever.. bright blue skys, the warm sun shining, yet you still felt the autumn breeze (perfect :D). I also thought I would wear something besides black (can you believe it!?), and incorporate some colour into my outfits :).

SAM_0816 SAM_0818 SAM_0822 SAM_0824

Seriously though guys, how amazing is this t-shirt! I love the slogan “Fresh Princess, born and raised 1990’s” – it applies to all us 90’s kids :P.. And anybody else LOVE The Fresh Prince of Bel Air :). Although you cannot see in the pictures, it also has slits up both sides, which is so on trend and gives an otherwise plain t-shirt a nice edge. It is also nice and loose, so great for modest dressing.. I have paired with a plain black top underneath and maxi-skirt, with a sleeveless denim jacket on top – Loved it!


 SAM_0829 SAM_0830 SAM_0841

I knew you guys would not forgive me for posting another grey/black outfit (hehe), so thought I MUST add some colour. I paired the t-shirt with this beautiful hot pink over-sized blazer which I absolutely adore. Blazers are normally seen as smart, but I think if you have one that is not fitted, and in a lovely colour, you can wear it casually. I think blazers are an absolute staple in any girl’s wardrobe, and add a very “put together” look to any outfit. I wore the “Leigh” jeggings from Topshop in this gorgeous acid wash .. they are literally the most comfortable trousers ever, and I highly recommend them for us ladies who do not like wearing jeans!

SAM_0848 I wore my beloved jelly shoes again, which I felt just added to the “casual” look of the outfit. I also completed the look with a plain black hijab, which I felt fitted the outfit perfectly and did not take the attention away from the t-shirt. I personally prefer not having an overly printed hijab if my top has a slogan or print,  as I do not like to feel drowned :P. SAM_0857

Yes guys, I am on my garage roof taking blog photos – Oh the things us bloggers do for good pictures 😀


I hope you like this outfit – I have added some colour, and tried to plan my outfit to show you how you can “smarten” up a very casual t-shirt by adding a blazer. I am on the hunt for the perfect cream and burgundy blazer.. so any recommendations would be brilliant! For lipstick, I wore a Rimmel one in the shade “006 Pink Blush” – a very different shade to what I have been wearing, but I stayed away from red as I did not want a clash between my makeup and outfit. 

Outfit Details:

T-Shirt – Ebay

Blazer – H & M

Leigh Jeans – Topshop

Jelly Shoes – Topshop

Hijab – Market

Anyway.. I just wanted to give a quick update on my week so far :). I have been at work, leaving the house before 8 and returning home after half 5 (Yes, Monday to Friday).. I absolutely LOVE my job (I work in HR), it is very busy and full on, but I enjoy it so much.. I have only been working full time in HR for 2 months, but know that it is definitely the career path I want to follow :). I have been interacting with other bloggers as much as I can in my free time, and love the blogging community so much, and am so excited to get to know so many of you! I also have made a schedule of my blog posts to work around the working week, and cannot wait for my next post.. which will be a DIY pamper night (using all DIY masks/scrubs etc!). I am also planning on going into town either on Friday after work or Saturday, as the new Lush Christmas goodies come out (OMG OMG!), and I cannot wait to see them and stock up (which I will blog about, of course :D). I also want to get my hands on a candle that will represent Autumn, as I think having a candle burning in a room makes it feel so cosy and warm, so please let me know of any of our favourites! 

Right loves.. that is me done for the night! I am going to catch up on an episode of Eastenders, then snuggle into bed, ready for work tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for more fashion/beauty/lifestyle posts!

Lots of Love, Saira xxx


Eating Clean – How YOU can do it :)

Evening Sweethearts !

Hope you have all had a good start to the week! I had a very busy day at work, and was relieved to come home, change into my PJ’s and just unwind :). Also, I cannot express how much I have been loving blogging .. It is so amazing how you can interact with people all over the world with similar interests, and speak to them as though you have known each other for years.. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time out to read my blog, and leave me such lovely comments.. they mean the world to me!

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about… eating clean! Please don’t run away and hide.. it is not as scary or restricting as you may think. I have been eating clean for almost a year, and I can honestly say I enjoy eating so much, never feel restricted, and have really felt a difference in how I feel!

I am going to give you my top tips, and how I have adapted my eating habits to be as healthy as possible!


My first tip (and this may the most boring and obvious one) is to DRINK WATER. I can imagine you sighing and muttering “for god’s sake, how many times do people say this”, but TRUST ME, it makes a huge difference. I drink a huge glass as soon as I wake up, and keep a tumbler on my desk at work to ensure I never forget to drink water (the amount of trips I take to the bathroom is ridiculous). I see this as a positive thing though, as my body is ridding itself of toxins, and I can definitely tell a difference when I do not drink enough water. A good way to make sure you remember to drink water is to purchase a cute tumbler or drinking glass, one that you will want to carry around! Also an excellent tip is to add sliced lemon/lime to water.. and your plain water “magically” becomes a detoxifying drink, which will clear your skin, help with bloating and wake you up.. Win!SAM_0867

Eat 5-6 Small Meals Everyday

I feel like I never stop eating during the day, but if you are eating the right things, you can eat every 2-3 hours. I will give you a quick run through of what I eat on a daily basis (this does change ALL the time though.. I am just giving an example :D)

Breakfast – Smoothie (Recipe will be below)

Snack – Apple and Banana

Lunch – Chicken, Tomato and Spinach in Wholemeal Wrap

Snack – Yoghurt with Nuts and Dark Chocolate Chips

Snack – Strawberries and Grapes

Dinner – Chicken, Brown Rice and Vegetables 

Snack – TREAT 🙂

So, as you can see I snack ALOT during they day.. but this is essential in speeding up your metabolism, as it means your body is always working to break down the food you put in your body. If you are putting the right things in your body, it will not slow down and store any excess fat (makes sense right?). I also do not restrict myself, and always have a small amount of (dark) chocolate during the day. The key is portion control, that way you will not crash and binge!

Berries Are Your Besties

Ok, it is such a cheesy title.. but berries are absolutely amazing! In fact any fruit is amazing, but I definitely cannot go a day without eating berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, you name them, I LOVE them. They have so many health benefits and really satisfy any sweet cravings (try strawberries covered in dark chocolate… they are TO DIE FOR). Just fill a little tub with your favourite berries, nuts and dark chocolate chips, and snack on whenever you want! You can also add berries to water, and let the flavours infuse.. it is so refreshing :).


Switch to Wholemeal 🙂

I think everybody knows that wholemeal is a lot better for you, in foods such as bread, pasta, rice etc. It avoids that “bloated” feeling you get after, and I personally prefer the taste so much more. Just start buying wholemeal alternatives, and trust me you will not regret it, and after a while you will wish you switched over sooner!


“Drink” Your Fruit/Vegetables 

I was quite skeptical about purchasing a “Nutri-Ninja”, or the ever so popular “Nutri-Bullet”, but once I really got in to my clean eating, and saw it on offer in Argos for £70, I though why not? It was literally the BEST decision I ever made.. I LOVE my Nutri-Ninja so much, and use it every single day :). It is such a good way to ensure you get your “5 a day” – although with all the other fruit and vegetables I eat, mine probably goes up to “10 a day” :P.


I make a smoothie every single morning for my breakfast, with the ingredients below (I do sometimes add additional fruit, but this is my go to smoothie).

SAM_0885I fill half the cup with spinach, put both apples in, put 1 banana in, 2 tablespoons of greek yoghurt, some orange juice, a squeeze of lemon and water. It literally takes me less than 5 minutes in the morning, and makes enough for me and my husband :).

Green Tea – Best Thing Ever SAM_0862

Ohhh green tea.. I love it SO much. I am sure you have all heard about “powers” of drinking green tea every day.. and I personally think it helps so much. It speeds up your metabolism, cleanses your body of toxins, makes your skin glow, and helps with bloating. Add a slice of lemon to green tea, and you have a powerful anti-oxidant drink :). I probably have around 3 cups a day :).

So… these are the main tips and advice that have come to my mind… eating clean is such a huge topic, and I would love to make more posts on my recipes/what I eat in a day etc :). I just wanted to also say that, I have a take-away every single week, and always have chocolate whenever I crave it.. It is so important to not deprive yourself, and just eat everything in moderation guys.. that is they key :). I don’t believe in having a strict diet, or a specific “day” where you can eat as many things as you want. Eating clean is a lifestyle change, not just something you do for a week/month.

I feel there is so much more to talk about, this is just an insight into my daily food diary. I will maybe in the future share some recipes/weekly food diaries? Sounds good :D. I have left out my workout routine, as I feel that will be another separate blog post hopefully very soon 🙂

Thank you so much lovelies for reading my blog… Please let me know if you want any more information/tips, and I will surely make another post like this soon! I am going to watch TV for a while, then off to bed as I have work in the morning! Have a lovely evening 🙂


Saira xx

My Friday .. Forest Walks, Steak for Dinner, and a Trip to A&E

Happy Saturday everyone……

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I will be spending my weekend in my comfy clothes relaxing, after having a very busy few days!

Yesterday was also quite an eventful day.. me and my family drove down to Coventry as my husband had a hospital appointment, however we ended up taking two trips to the hospital (the second trip involving an incident with my husband – who had stitches in his arm taken out that morning – and a climbing frame). As you can probably guess, an hour was spent in A&E waiting for my husband to get his arm stitched back up – although the nurses at Coventry hospital were some of the funniest ladies I have ever met!

Anyway.. earlier in the day, we went to a beautiful country park and spent our time admiring the beautiful views and eating ice-cream (It was such a gorgeous day!).IMG_6051 IMG_6029SAM_0770  SAM_0776

Moving onto my outfit .. I wore some of my new pieces that I picked up from Primark.. I want to also apologise in advance that it is another grey/black outfit .. I am not the biggest colour wearer (as you already know). Buy hey, I have accessorized with a colourful scarf.. so I am trying :D..

IMG_6032  SAM_0740

I am in absolute LOVE with this grey over-sized jumper. It is the softest thing ever, and is the perfect length to wear with jeggings, or even leggings. It also comes in so many different colours – my aim is to buy them in every single one.. as when I like a top in a certain style, I have to have it in every colour available. It was the same thing a few years ago when Topshop released batwing tops in their basic range for £16, and I bought every colour (whoops – I am a creature of habit, it can’t be helped :P). It was an absolute steal at £12 – if you like your over-sized tops – you will ADORE these – they are also great for modest styling :D. SAM_0747 SAM_0748

I also LOVE the tartan scarf.. it is super soft and is literally like having a blanket around your shoulders. I think these and the fur scarves are an absolute MUST for this Autumn/Winter, and I personally think they are so much more comfortable than snoods for us hijab wearers (snoods make me feel like I am being choked :/). It was also only £5 .. BARGAIN (love Primark). SAM_0750 SAM_0757 SAM_0758

The boots are also the most comfortable shoes ever – we walked around for most of the day, and I did not feel the need to take them off at all – even though I am the worst heel wearer ever. I definitely want to pick up more in the same style in a tan and burgundy colour, and my boot collection for this season will be complete!SAM_0763 SAM_0766 SAM_0773

My inner child also came out when I saw conkers on the ground.. We probably spent a good hour searching through the leaves for them, and flinging sticks in the trees to get more down (does anyone else get excited when they’re collecting conkers?!). SAM_0786 SAM_0795


Anyway back to the outfit .. I wore my go to black jeggings (I picked these up from a market for £10, and they are literally the most comfortable jeggings ever), and my choice of hijab was a plain dark grey one. I chose this colour rather than black as I wanted the colours of my outfit to compliment each other, not be a harsh contrast, and also chose plain so the focus would be on the tartan scarf. My bag of choice was my beloved satchel, and lipstick was the same Kate Moss by Rimmel red colour.

Anyway.. after our drama at the A&E department.. we drove down to Leicester AND managed to get to the restaurant only 15 minutes late :D. We then had the most amazing steak ever, stopped by at a dessert place for a Sizzling Brownie (I know too many treats :O), and then were on our way home (although we did have to divert as part of the motorway was closed)! It truly has been a very fun few days celebrating Eid, and will be on to remember :).

Full outfit Details:

Top – Primark

Jeggings – Market

Tartan Scarf – Primark

Hijab – Market

Boots – Primark    

Bag – Next

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post and little insight into my day! I am loving writing these blogs, and being able to style outfits and hopefully inspiring others! I am planning on my next post being about clean eating and my workout routine .. as I have treated myself A LOT these past few days so have to get back into it .. but hey I’ve been celebrating so I have an excuse :). So look out for that very soon!

My Saturday evening will consist of being cuddled up on the sofa watching X Factor and drinking green tea (my kind of evening :P). Hope you all have a good one my loves!

Saira xxx

Skin Care Routine… Oh and Eid Mubarak!

Hi lovelies 🙂

Firstly.. Eid Mubarak for all those who celebrated today! Hope you had a wonderful day spent with your families, eating lots of yummy food, and having a good catch up with everyone!

I am currently sat on my bed in my pyjama bottoms, an over-sized jumper, and the fuzziest socks ever.. I am worn out from today!.. Eid always does this to me :(. I’ll just give you a quick run down of what I got up to.. then we’ll move on to my skincare routine!

We all woke up early to go to Mosque to read Eid Prayer .. it was my first time going and it was amazing… really makes it feel like Eid when you see everyone around you wishing Eid Mubarak after finishing the prayer :). Me and my family then went out for breakfast, before coming home and getting ready for the day (I unfortunately don’t have a picture of my outfit as I didn’t wear my hijab and all pictures have my hair showing .. hijabi girl problems!). We then ate more food, and had all my extended family come over.. which was lovely :). We then went out for dessert (yes more food!) and drove to a beautiful park which is next to an airport and watched planes take off/land.. which I personally find so fun! It was dark at this point so was also very creepy, but a good laugh :D.

So.. that is how my Eid was spent .. hope you all had a wonderful day :).. now lets get onto my skincare routine….


Here are all the products I use, both for make up removal and what I wash my face with. I have combination skin.. so my cheeks/chin are normal, and my t-zone is oily, and these are the products that work for me.


Firstly, here is a mud mask that I use on a weekly basis. My dad actually got this for me when he went to New Zealand, and it is by far the BEST mud mask I have ever used :). Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s available to buy in the UK, but I’m sure you can find an alternative in Boots/Superdrug. I prefer mud masks to any other type of mask, as it clears your skin so much and you can really feel it working when it’s on your face. SAM_0716

To wash my face each morning and evening, I use “Movis” soap by Lush (It was very hard to get a decent picture of this without it looking like a block of mud.. so please don’t judge it on its appearance :P). OMG… guys this is the BEST soap I have ever used, if you have combination skin I definitely recommend it! It does such an amazing job of cleansing your face but doesn’t dry it out at all. It doesn’t break me out, which is amazing 🙂 .. my sister also uses it, and she has oily skin, and it has worked wonders for her to clear up her skin! It also smells just like biscuits, which is a plus.. and has gentle exfoliation :). It is also made of all natural products, so is amazing for those who have sensitive skin.


I then tone my skin with this toner from Garnier.. it works brilliantly in getting rid of any shine I have, and closing up my pores. I think using toner is an important step that a lot people miss.. it makes your skin feel so clean and refreshed, and preps your skin for moisturizer, so don’t miss this step ladies!SAM_0705

My moisturizer that I use is one from the Boots Botanics range that is for oily skin. It does an excellent job in stopping any shine from showing during the day, and keeps my skin feeling lovely and soft! I love the products from the Boots Botanics range.. they are so affordable, and have lots of natural ingredients which are good for the skin. They also have full sets of products for every skin type, so it’s worth checking out!

SAM_0712 Also, on a morning once I’ve done my makeup, and in the evening when I have completed my skincare routine, I spritz the Boots Botanics rosewater spray on my face. This product is AMAZING.. it makes your skin feel so refreshed, and makes your makeup look perfect and glowing. I think it compares to the Mac fix +, which I have also used, but this spray is a fraction of the price! Give it a go guys, you won’t regret it :).


To remove my makeup, I use the Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water.. this is by far the BEST makeup remover I have used, it is like literally cleansing your face with water, and gets rid of makeup so easily and gently, and makes your skin feel amazing and so clean afterwards (on lazy days, I just remove my makeup with this and moisturize, and I’m good to go! :P). I previously used cream cleansers, but I find these left my skin feeling greasy, and I would always have to wash my face after to get it feeling clean.

Also, for any spots that I do get (boo), I use Germolene on them.. which is an antiseptic cream used normally for stings/cuts/grazes, but I find it works amazingly on getting rid of spots ASAP.

So that is my skincare routine guys! I also drink plenty of water and green tea, which flushes out your system and gets rid of toxins which can cause your skin to look dull and break out. I hope you try some of these products.. they are all affordable and readily available at shops on the high street :). My favourite product from the lot HAS to be the “Movis” soap from Lush.. seriously when you are next in a Lush store just have a look out for it and smell it .. like I said before it smells AMAZING and you will want to eat it :D. Link for the Lush site if you want to check it out:

I hope you enjoyed this post and it was some what informative. I am now going to bed as I have to be up early tomorrow to go to Coventry and Leicester, my husband has a hospital appointment there, and we are continuing our Eid celebrations by making a day of it with a nice meal out at one of the BEST steak places ever 😛 (can’t wait :D).

Night Loves…. Saira xx

Your jumper is from where?…

Afternooooooon guys 🙂

Hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday .. I had the day off work today .. So have spent my day in town (shopping) and cleaning up for Eid tomorrow! I bought some AMAZING things from the wonderful Primark.. which I will show in a later blog post :). Anyway.. hope you have all been well.. lets move on to the outfit….


So..the main focus of this outfit is definitely the mustard coloured jumper right? And I actually purchased it last winter from a ….. CHARITY SHOP (GASP). I don’t know what everybody else’s opinions are of shopping in charity shops, but I personally love it.. and don’t even get me started on car boot sales (love them :O). I think you can pick up some really good pieces if you look hard enough, and can almost guarantee that nobody else will have the same thing. Just get the clothes dry cleaned as soon as you’ve bought them and they are good as new! And the added bonus, the jumper only cost me £2.50 :D.

I paired with a flowery skirt, tights and black shoes (I told you I’m obsessed with black clothes). My hijab is also a beautiful print (although I am not sure what you would describe the pattern as), and I wore red lipstick again. My go to makeup look at the moment has definitely been winged eyeliner and red lips.. I have never been much of an eye-shadow girl, as for me it takes up too much time when getting ready.

SAM_0669 SAM_0670

Also, my dad actually took these photos, as my sister had her friend over and didn’t have time to take pictures for me :(.. But I think he did a good job (Although he did get distracted after a while and started taking photos of flowers :P) SAM_0679

I added an over-sized blazer, as it was quite chilly today, and I have also come down with a horrible cold, so I don’t think that helped either 😦SAM_0680 SAM_0686

Outfit Details:

Mustard Jumper – Charity shop

Flowery Skirt – Primark

Oversized Blazer – New Look

Shoes – New Look

Hijab – My Mums 🙂

I hope you all liked this outfit. You should definitely give charity shops a go.. and not just for clothes either. I have picked up so many cute little items for my bedroom, books for 50p each, yankee candles, yarn, bags…. It really is worth popping in and seeing what you can find! Especially round winter time, as they have so many jumpers, all between £2-6 :).

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog.. I am going to drink some Lemsip and pray I feel better for Eid tomorrow! I hope you all have a wonderful Eid (those who are celebrating), make the most of your time with your family and friends, eat lots of food, and be thankful for everything we have been given, Alhumdullillah.

I think my next blog post will be beauty/skin care related.. As I really want to show you my skin care routine, and tips I have for keeping skin clear and glowing! So check back for that.

Lots of love, Saira xxx

Love: FUR XO

Good Evening Lovelies….. 🙂

Hope everybody has had a brilliant start to the week (Lets not have Monday blues guys!). Whether you’ve been at school, work or at home, I hope you have made the most of your day :D. I have noticed the mornings are darker and chillier.. So it’s time to bring out the furry jackets and woolly jumpers (Yay!) Autumn is definitely my favourite season (if you didn’t already know).. I just love everything about it, the leaves changing, the cosier evenings, the fashion, hot drinks, Bonfire Night, Halloween…. the list is endless :).

Anyway.. onto the outfit…. I planned on just the top and cardigan first, but then I searched through my autumn/winter clothes storage (which I will be taking out very soon!) and came across THIS fur scarf. I FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. It made such a HUGE difference to the whole outfit, and just tied it all together so well. SAM_0602 SAM_0606 SAM_0609

A little creature also intruded on my photos (my cat Cookie.. we sort of match right? No?.. Ok.. it’s just my crazy cat side coming out). SAM_0612 SAM_0614

Cookie refused to leave me alone after being in the limelight for a while 😀SAM_0616 SAM_0624 SAM_0627 SAM_0634 SAM_0638 SAM_0648

Soo.. Let’s talk a little bit more about the outfit. I absolutely adore long flowy cardigans like the one I’m wearing.. so perfect for keeping any outfit nicely covered from the back and arms, and they are readily available in every high street shop you go into! Also, it’s not often that I wear white, because I am so conscious of getting it dirty (me and my clumsy ways), but I think there is something so classic and elegant about wearing it in an outfit (black and white is my most favourite combination to wear!). I paired it with some jeggings and ankle boots, and a lovely hijab with the most beautiful flower print (which is not too in your face). I definitely prefer wearing darker coloured hijabs too, rather than light/bright colours… I guess that’s just to go with the darker colours associated with the Autumn months :). To add some colour to the look, I wore a red lipstick (Its another Kate Moss by Rimmel one.. the lipsticks from that collection are amazing.. SO pigmented and last for hours, and not drying at all).  SAM_0662

A few of my Autumn favourites.. The Rimmel lipstick, Carmex (a MUST for when it gets cold), and Loverdose by Diesel perfume (this smells amazing :D).

Outfit Details

Grey Cardigan – Miss Selfridge

White Top – New Look

Black Jeggings – Zara

Boots – Topshop

Fur Scarf – New Look

Bag – Next

Hijab – Market

I really hope you enjoyed this post :).. Any comments/feedback will be amazing.. I am still very new to this blogging lifestyle so am looking for inspiration all the time! Anyway, I think I will call it a night.. as I have work in the morning.. I am only in for tomorrow and then have 3 days off for Eid (Woo :D).

Goodnight loves.. Saira x

I Love Autumn

 So here it is, my first outfit post, which I was very exciting to upload! I must say it took me a while as I did get quite shy having photos taken of me in public (I did pick somewhere quiet though hehe!) I wanted to pick somewhere where you would be able to see that it’s getting to Autumn, rather than my driveway ;), so I thought the reservoir near where I live would be perfect!



SAM_0521 SAM_0523 SAM_0525 SAM_0529 SAM_0530 SAM_0533 SAM_0534 SAM_0548 SAM_0552 SAM_0562

Yes that is my sister’s outfit (the photographer- I think she felt left out :P)SAM_0567  SAM_0572 SAM_0578

I wanted to put together an outfit that was away from all the bright colours of Summer and represented good old Autumn.. So I thought the burgundy jeggings were perfect. I have such a bad habit of only wearing black leggings/tights/skirts/trousers, so thought I would try to incorporate more colour on “the bottom half” with these beautiful jeggings.

I have also fallen back in love with layering button up shirts with jumpers for the Autumn, and it is such a good way to keep warm in the coming chilly days without wearing a bulky coat! I also love the black jumper and its “fuzzy” texture (although some have said to me it resembles a frightened gorilla :O)! The button up shirt also adds length to the short black jumper, which is always good for coverage 🙂

I know jelly shoes are quite like marmite, but I LOVE them so much, they are so comfy and add a slight bit of height (I am only 5 foot tall guys). Also, they are not just for the summer.. buy a black pair and wear with cute ankle socks to keep feet warm (WIN :D). My bag is quite old, and is the classic “satchel” style that I absolutely LOVE, and don’t think will ever go out of style (I bought this bag for University.. almost 4 years ago!) Also, my hijab which I think is perfect for this outfit (I love the zebra print) and just pulls it together! Lastly, I am wearing the Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in 107, which is a beautiful deep red/maroony colour (although it appears more pink in the pictures)- perfect for the transition to Autumn – as I am not brave enough yet to wear the very dark colours!

Fuzzy black jumper – New Look

Denim button up shirt – H & M

Burgundy Jeggings – River Island

Jelly Shoes – Topshop

Black Satchel – Next (Very old – but I am sure you can find similar styles!)

Hijab – Primark

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post! I am still getting used to the right camera angles/lighting etc, so do bear with me! I had so much fun putting the outfit together, and will be doing many more of these 😀 I hope you liked it!

Enjoy your Saturday night beauties.. I am all set to watch X Factor :D.

Saira xxx

It finally happened…

   Well, after months of deciding whether to start a blog or not… I have finally done it (woop)! I have been so inspired by all the fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs for SO many years, and have always thought to myself “Hey, I would love to do that”.. but a few things always ran through my mind. Thoughts such as; “who would read it, what would other people think, who could be interested in my life anyway?” But I have put all that aside, and thought, this will be MY blog, and I know it is something I will enjoy doing, so I am doing it!

SAM_0585I have bought myself a notebook and new stationary to plan out my blogposts (I love new stationary and making lists 🙂 )

I guess you will want to know what you can expect from this little blog …. Lets talk..

I LOVE fashion, and being a girl who loves her clothes and wears the hijab, it is SO important to be modest, yet stylish at the same time right? So, I will have fashion posts showing my outfits (both for the working week & the weekend), giving tips and advice on how all us Muslim ladies (and all other ladies for that matter) can dress modestly and fashionably. 

4701131Looking after my skin/hair/body is so important to me, and I think what you put in your body is just as important as what is on the outside (i.e. makeup/skin care products etc). Therefore I will talk about all things beauty related, as well as exercise and work out tips (I LOVE EXERCISING).. Don’t be scared though.. exercise does not have to be hours spent at the gym sweating like mad (I hate the gym .. home exercises are way more fun and so much easier to incorporate into our busy lives :D).

Growing up in an Asian/Pakistani culture, I’ve come across so many traditional DIY beauty fixes/masks/hair conditioners .. and cannot wait to share these with you (they are so much fun to do on a pamper night).

I have developed a love for crochet over the past few years (Seriously .. ask anybody who crochets how relaxing and therapeutic it is.. we are not grandmas!). The things you can make with yarn and a hook is amazing, and I am so excited to show you what I have already made (including pillow cases, blankets, a cardigan for my niece and a million granny squares), along with any future projects!751

Although I mentioned earlier that looking after my body/skin is important, I still love to treat myself every now and again (Come on guys.. I think everybody deserves treats sometimes!). I love chocolate, sweets and takeaways (Nothing like donner meat & chips on a Friday night, yum :P). I will definitely share recipes for my famous salt and pepper wings and chips, and avocado brownies (Yes AVOCADO BROWNIES). 

I think that is enough rambling for this post. I have just taken some outfit photos for one of my next blog posts (my first fashion post.. how exciting eek!) Have a lovely weekend loves.

Saira xx