Floods! And Reaching 100 Followers!

Hi my loves! How are you all? I want to start this post by saying the BIGGEST THANK YOU EVER to all you lovely angels that follow my blog! Over the weekend, I reached 100 followers, and I was so happy!!! For some, 100 might not seem like much, but for me, who has only had a blog for a little under 2 months, it is a huge achievement! I love the sweet comments all you lovely lot leave me, and I am so glad that you all enjoy my blog and take the time out of your day to read it! I also love finding new blogs to read, and really love networking with everyone through social media. I am definitely so happy that I started to blog and am very proud of it (It’s like my little baby!), and I look forward to seeing where it will be in the next few months! Again, I just want to thank you all so much .. and please do let me know if there are any specific posts/reviews/tags you want me to do!

Well lets got on with this post then! I have an outfit and update for you all (Woooo!). It is featuring some of the things I showed in one of my previous blog posts.. and I thought it is always best to show how a certain item looks on and also what you can pair it with! Now I actually took these outfit photos over the weekend, when the weather was horrendous! Gale force winds, constant rain.. basically a nightmare to take outfit photos in! I woke up on Sunday morning, my outfit all planned.. but all I could hear was the wind howling and the rain against the windows… Great. Thankfully .. it calmed down in the afternoon for me (yay!). We actually went to a place called Otley for the afternoon .. the original plan was to go to Harrogate, but unfortunately everything was flooded and the roads were blocked! So, we spent an hour or so wandering round a garden centre (which was Christmassy by the way!), then headed over to see the how bad the flooding was (It was VERY bad!).

So.. lets see the outfit photos first (Please mind the murky, grey background guys .. I guess that is British weather for you ey?).


I was attempting to fix my scarf in this picture – Damn you wind!SAM_2453

(By the way .. I know my owl necklace is the wrong way round.. I blame the wind again .. haha)SAM_2458SAM_2448

So lets talk about the outfit first! The jumper and midi skirt were my new purchases from New Look! I am in love with both pieces – they are so comfortable and I personally think the colours go so well together! I also felt so cozy with my fur gilet, warm tights and black boots! Despite the crazy wind and rain, I did manage to keep really warm! I also decided to wear a necklace today (something I do not normally do).. But at one point I was SO obsessed with wearing owl necklaces.. I would never go a day without it! Yay for digging out old favourites πŸ˜›SAM_2436SAM_2441


Also.. look how lovely and festive everything in the garden centre looks! Can you believe they also had a Santa’s Grotto already?! It looked so pretty.. I think garden centres at this time of the year are amazing!


To finish off the look, I wore my leopard print scarf, my black satchel, and the much loved 107 lipstick πŸ™‚

Full Outfit Details:

Skirt and Jumper – New Look

Gilet and Boots – Primark

Bag – New Look

Lipstick – 107 Kate Moss by RimmelΒ 

Scarf – MarketΒ 


Anyways lovelies .. back to the floods! So, we were all set to drive to Harrogate but were stopped by police to say the roads had been closed due to the nearby river bursting (!!). So, we diverted, but got stopped again, as more roads were closed (oh dear!). Eventually, we actually drove to the bridge that the river goes under… Take a look at the pictures below to see how bad the flood got!

SAM_2462SAM_2463I have actually never seen a flood like this in person .. so for me it was quite a shock! I think the people that live in Otley are used to it, as all the kids were riding their bikes through the water (!!).Β Afterward – we finally managed to find a road that took us home (yay!).. I was glad to be home and get in my pj’s!

So that was my crazy Sunday guys .. I hope you all had a lovely weekend (even though it seems so long ago now!!). This week has just been a busy one at work as usual .. and my evenings are spent relaxing, catching up on your blogs and getting to know you all more too!

I have quite an exciting post coming up next which should hopefully give some of you tips for the upcoming busy festive season! I really hope you enjoy it!

Lots of love,

Saira xo

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42 thoughts on “Floods! And Reaching 100 Followers!

  1. You are such a beauty. I love this outfit – that vest is amazing! That flood is so crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it before – glad you made it home safely. And congratulations on 100 followers! So exciting! Keep up the amazing work! XOXO


  2. That flood is seriously scary hon.
    Hope the weather is nice with you now, girlie. Yay and big congrats on 100 followers, honey!! You deserve all that and more!
    I completely agree it is a big achievement. No matter how many people decide to follow you, I am also thankful for each and every one because they CHOSE to stick around with me πŸ™‚
    You look fab as always! Loving your scarf loads! The colour & the print is gorgeous on you ❀
    xox Nadia


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