Guide to: Surviving Christmas Shopping!

Hey darlings♥♥!

Hope you have all had an excellent week… It is the weekend too woo! Now, I have seen so many people start to put Christmas posts up… come on guys it is mid-November now so I think it is acceptable! Now, I know many of you may be thinking about Christmas shopping (and some of you organised lot may have started!)… I thought I would give you all some tips on how you can make Christmas shopping a fun, (almost) stress-free day (or days!) out…. It should be enjoyable right?!


  1. Make a list beforehand: I am the biggest fan of making lists, as they really help you stay organised.. and when it comes to Christmas shopping, they will be a saviour! It is also best to make a list of everyone you are buying gifts for, and what you plan on getting them. That way, you can make sure you do not leave anyone’s gift to the last minute! I think it is an excellent idea to have a “Christmas Diary”, that way you can plan what days you are doing Christmas shopping, and make any other lists/notes you may need .. rather than writing it on scrappy bits of paper/typing on your phone.
  2. Plan your trip: You should put aside a weekend/few days to get your shopping done, so you can get a lot done in one go. I think it is still fun to pop into town for some last minute bits closer to Christmas, but knowing that you have already done the majority of your shopping will make it even more fun! Also, if you work full-time (like me), it may be worth taking a few days off work so you can go during the week.. as I am sure everyone knows weekends are always busier!
  3. GO EARLY!!: I literally cannot stress this enough .. make sure you go early! Especially if you go during the week, the earlier you go the better. The shops will be lovely and organised, as well as it not being as busy! After you are all shopped out, you still have the rest of the day to relax/wrap presents!
  4. Make sure you go to a DECENT shopping centre: This is also so important. It is worth travelling out if there is not a good shopping centre near you, as it is good having a variety of shops to visit. This also saves you having to make multiple trips! I know this from first hand experience .. The main shopping centre near me is RUBBISH! I always go to either Leeds, Manchester or Sheffield for a good shopping trip.. there is SO much more variety, the shops are bigger, and there are also cute individual shops where can find something special!
  5. Go alone: This is vital for at least your main Christmas shop.. It means you can visit the shops YOU need to, take all the time YOU need, and not have to worry about what kids/friends/family want to do or where they want to go. If you do want to make a day of it with a friend/family member, you can travel together, shop for a few hours on your own, have lunch together, then do a few more hours alone, and then meet up after!
  6. Buy heavier/biggest items last/online: Now I think this is a no brainer, not just for Christmas shopping but also normal shopping trips. Buy your bigger/bulkier/heavier gifts last, so you are not battling with them on your way through the shops! Even better, buy them online, or reserve them so you are able to pick them up at a certain time! Christmas shopping is supposed to be FUN, not a sweaty work out! 😛
  7. Buy yourself a treat after!: After you have trawled round the shops for HOURS, carried so many bags that your arms feel like they are going to fall off, it is always nice to have a treat after! So my advice is to pick a little something up for yourself whilst shopping … you deserve it! Whether that is a candle (that you can burn whilst wrapping presents), some bath bombs/bubble bars, or some good old chocolate… go on… you know you want to!
  8. Remember.. ENJOY IT!: Enjoy the Christmas lights/decorations, the atmosphere, and the yummy Christmas treats everywhere! Try not to leave everything to the last minute, and make a day of it! So lovelies, be up nice and early, wear your comfiest shoes, make sure you have your Christmas gift guide all ready, play Christmas songs on the way to the shops .. and HAVE FUN CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!
  9. If all else fails.. there is always online: If you do not like the thought of shopping at all (really?)… you can always shop online!

Happy Shopping!

So there we have it darlings … your guide to stress-free (hopefully!) Christmas shopping! I hope this will help lots of you ready to venture out to the shops to buy your presents! I will see you in my next post!

Lots of Love,

Saira xo


31 thoughts on “Guide to: Surviving Christmas Shopping!

  1. Ah these are fab tips! I love going shopping alone, so right, you get so much more done! And getting in early makes the day soooo much better. I HATE being in a city centre when it’s heaving. Thanks for the fab post & hope you enjoy your Christmas shopping this year! Gweni xxx

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  2. Loved your tips…all very true! I bought some wrapping paper and bits today but I’m doing the bulk of my Christmas shopping next week! Got my list at the ready but it’s always stressful when something on your list isn’t there or is sold out 😦 that’s when I get stressed haha. I will definitely be following number 7 and buying myself a treat 😉 haha x

    Georgina x

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  3. Great list of advice. I love writing list 🙂 I’m the kind of person that needs lists to do things.
    I make so many lists of what to get people and I start my shopping early. Like to get my shopping done before other people get started 🙂
    I like the little treat yourself part on your list. I usually get a cup coffee


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  4. Great tips! I so agree with #5. I try my best to leave the kids at home as well as the hubby. The kids would want me to buy them everything under the sun and hubby just has no patience for shopping when I like to take my time. 🙂

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  5. These are great tips! I made the mistake of doing my holiday shopping too late last year (and it was so stressful), so I’m glad I encountered your post! I’m definitely going to try to get the bulk of my holiday shopping done during Black Friday/Cyber Monday since that’s when the best deals are. Online shopping is the best too! 🙂

    Amy |


  6. Those are such fab tips, hon!!!
    The idea of making a list is definitely up my street lol – I wouldn’t survive without one. I am currently trying to put one together. Couldn’t agree more on going early! 🙂 Love the idea of the treat for yourself after all the shopping is done 😉 + yay for the existence of the internet if all fails haha 😀
    P.S. Wish we lived closer, girl, awww!
    xox Nadia

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    1. No problem girly thanks for reading ! I know I don’t know where I would be either without lists ! Haha yep can always rely on the Internet! I would LOVE it if we lived closer !!! 😦 you are a BABE thank you so much for reading !


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