5 Under £5 – Beauty Faves

Well … been a while hasn’t it?

This has probably been the longest time I have gone without blogging – eeeek!  But safe to say I am back and have a lot of exciting things planned for my blog – including a huge rebrand ! I’ll probably do a full post all about it once it has (hopefully) been successful!

So, this post is going to be one of those recurring ones – you know like bucket lists, favourites etc … and this is five things under a fiver that I’ve recently bought/starting using and have absolutely fallen in LOVE with. They also are fab because each is under a fiver AND there is a certain dupe of a very popular blusher amongst them too. So .. let’s have a chat about my top 5 things under a fiver that I have been OBSESSED WITH.

MUA highlighters

I had one of these highlighters a while ago but for some reason I had left it at the bottom of my makeup collection and never touched it. I have since picked up another one, so now I have Pink Shimmer & Iridescent Gold and I frickin love them both. They are so insanely pigmented and leave the most beautiful highlight on your face. The fact that they are also only £2 makes me love them even more. I personally find they work just as well as other highlighters that I’ve spent more money on, which is always a win win. If you’ve not tried them, make sure to pick them up on your next trip to Superdrug.

I have the more pinky toned one which I tend to use during the day as it is softer on the skin, and the gold toned one if I am going out, as it looks gorgeous when you have a more dramatic eye/lip going on. Girl can never go wrong when her £2 highlight looks on FLEEK. Wow did I really just write that. I think I am slightly too old to say that. HA.

Barry M Mist & Fix Setting Spray

Now I actually bought this on a whim when I was rushing around last minute to get some bits for my trip to Amsterdam a few weeks back. I thought it would do me until I had time to buy my UD all nighter spray (holy grail FYI). However – I was SO pleasantly surprised with this and how well it worked, especially as I wasn’t expected much from it. I used it in Amsterdam and it kept my makeup in place all day, despite me getting caught in a downpour. I definitely noticed the difference when I’d forgotten to use this to set my face on a morning. It doesn’t feel sticky, leaves no sort of residue and has no scent to it. It is definitely worth trying if you are after an affordable setting spray – I’ve also been using it during the recent heatwave we’ve had and I have had NO MELTED MAKEUP GUYS.

Twilight Bath Bomb

Now this has always been a firm fave of mine but I’m including it in this post as it has been one of the bathbombs I have been using more and more. It is always my go to whenever I have a bath on an evening as it makes me feel SO relaxed. If you ever have a really stressful day that leaves you feeling anxious and worried, popping this in your bath helps you unwind and get yourself set for a really good nights sleep. It has an amazing, warming scent that just reminds me of hot chocolate and cosy nights and it makes your bath the prettiest purple colour. I always use it alongside my Twilight shower gel and Sleepy body lotion and I literally feel like a fuzzy little ball of lavender goodness after – it’s PERFECT. I always find I have such a good nights sleep after this routine, so if you’re struggling with sleepless nights give this a go.

Miss Sporty Coral Blush – Shiny Coral

The reason this baby has made it to the list is because it literally is an exact dupe for the popular Coralista blush from Benefit. Not even kidding guys … it is SO pigmented and gives your cheeks the most stunning flush that doesn’t fade during the day. I have the Benefit blush but always find myself reaching for this bad boy – now you know THAT’S saying something.

Primark Brush Cleaner

There are so many brush cleaning palettes out there that can cost anything from £10 – £25, which I personally find is a little bit steep for a bit of rubber with some groves on it (lol), so I was so chuffed when I picked up this baby from Primark for £1.50. It has a little bit where you can put your fingers in to hold when cleaning your brushes, and works so well! This also helps motivate me to clean my brushes more often as it really helps speed up the process and means I’m not left with wrinkly hands after! It’s really small too so it doesn’t take up any room in your makeup storage, and is so handy for travelling if you ever need to take it with you.

So m’loves, they are my top five things under a fiver that I have been obsessed with recently! They have really helped me save some pennies and made my life that little bit easier & better ! I’m planning on doing these more often so you can find some bargain bits that will help you out too! Let me know if you liked this post and if you’d like to see more!

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have started fasting for the month of Ramadan – if you want some more info on this let me know and I’d be happy to give you guys an insight! For now though – I’m going to love & leave ya – and get on with my rebrand of my blog ! This will all be revealed very soon so keep your eyes out and I hope you are as excited as I am !

Lots of love,

Saira xxx

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Excited for SPRING♥

Hello darlings!!!♥

How have you all been?! Hope you have had a wonderful week so far!! I felt SO OVERWHELMED with everything at the beginning of the week .. I feel like I have SO much going on.. and just not enough time to do it all!! HOWEVER.. that is where my trusty little diary came in handy .. it helped me SO much in just organizing my life! I LOVE IT.. if you don’t already have one.. GET ONE!

So… I am literally SO SO EXCITED for this post. Now.. if you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know I am one of the (VERY) few people who actually doesn’t mind winter. I LOVE snow, cosy, dark evenings, the fashion AND the make-up. However… I think I am getting SLIGHTLY bored of all the wintery-ness, and JUST WANT IT TO BE SPRING!! I mean COME ONE LOVES… lighter evenings, warmer afternoons, leaves/flowers growing back again, baby animals being born (yes, this is cheesy I know BUT I LOVE ANIMALS!), and not forgetting EASTER IS EARLY THIS YEAR!! So what does that mean? LOTS of chocolate and FOUR DAY WEEKENDS WOOP!

Right .. are we all feeling slightly exciting for Spring? I know I am!! Lets have a look and see what I am MOST excited for!!

Spring Fashion♥

I LOVE winter fashion SO much .. BUT I have been seeing all the spring clothes in the shops .. and all I see is PASTELS AND FLORALS EVERYWHERE! You will all know I am such a massive lover of wearing black, however there is just something SO special about wearing florals/pastels!! Have a peek below for some examples of my PERFECT outfits for spring time!

Both of these were actually inspired by the STUNNING bag* I received from LYDC London.. this company just seem to have a bag for every single moment in my life. I LOVE them so much!! Make sure to check them out if you are ever on the hunt for a bag.. they have their new Spring/Summer range out … and it is AMAZING! If you fancy an extra 10% off, you can use my code “SAIRA10”. I would also LOVE to know if you check them out .. so make sure to comment and let me know angels!

Denim & Pastel Jumpers – PERFECT for Daytime♥

Jumper and GiletMore Detail Jumper and Gilet

Oh.. well would you look at that lovelies .. I am still layering in Spring (haha!). If you live in the UK, you will know that we still get chilly days… so layering is pretty essential! I actually picked up both the denim gilet and jumper from a CHARITY SHOP (want some Charity Shop shopping tips?.. I have a whole post on it HERE!). This outfit would be SO perfect for the transition from Winter to Spring.. it would keep you SO cosy, yet still have a touch of spring with the denim and pastel colours. The bag just does a perfect job in completing the outfit and making it SPRING TIME READY WOO!

Lace & LOTS OF RINGS – PERFECT for Evening♥

Another Image of DressClose Up

I have been wanting to style this cream dress from H&M for the LONGEST time ever.. but didn’t think it would look right during the colder months .. it just has SUCH a Spring vibe to it.. don’t you think? It would be PERFECT for an evening out.. I would personally accessorize with a LOT of rings (all my rings are quite old and from VARIOUS PLACES!), a bright nail polish and the BEAUTIFUL bag! I think lace always looks so gorgeous during the warmer months – I also find myself going for a more “bohemian” style .. so dresses like this with plenty of rings and cross body bags are PERFECT for me!


RingsMore Rings

I don’t know if I am the only one who avoids jewelry in winter .. I think because it is SO cold my hands are covered all the time anyway (haha!). In Spring/Summer.. I LOVE to wear as many rings as possible ..  I think they add such a lovely, bohemian, girly look to an outfit! I am definitely excited to start wearing them again! Be prepared to see them in my OOTD posts loves!

Fruity Perfumes & Bright Nails♥


Now..  I never used to be the type of girl who swapped her perfumes round based on the seasons. HOWEVER… I have recently started too!!! I LOVE more fruitier, fresh scents for Spring time, whereas I leave sweeter, more stronger scents for winter time. SO .. I have been LOVING Juicy Couture’s “Viva La Juicy” recently.. I mean just LOOK at the bottle angels!! The notes include berries, mandarins, honey suckle and gardenia .. sounds perfect for this time of year right loves!! The bottle is SURE to brighten up ANYONE’S day too!

Perfume and Nail Polish.jpg

Ohhh … bright nail polish!! Again … I LOVE bright nails for Spring … for exactly the same reason I love wearing rings.. Our hands are on show more and not wrapped up in gloves/long sleeves hehe!! Barry M have some FABULOUS colours.. and they are SO affordable! I HIGHLY recommend them lovelies.. you will ADORE them!! OH.. and nothing beats nude nails … I LOVE these at any time of the year!

Pink Lips♥

Bright Lipsticks

Well… if you guys know me .. you will know that I recently braved dark lipsticks – and was absolutely OBSESSED with them during winter… but I am not sure how “fitting” they will be for Spring! So.. it is time to bring out the GORGEOUS pale pinks, nudes AND hot pinks!! Wooo… my FAVE nudey-pink is Mac Creme Cup .. I LOVE the formula too .. it is SO creamy and moisturizing! I also LOVE the Maybelline Baby Lips – they feel SO AMAZING on the lips .. and JUST LOOK HOW ADORABLE THE PACKAGING IS! My other fave lipsticks include Rimmel’s Pink Blush & Bourjois Rouge Edition Fushcia.


So angels .. there we have a few things that have got me SO EXCITED FOR SPRING! I think I am just so looking forward to having MORE daylight! Not to mention how much more COLOURFUL everything is!

Should we have a quick overview of what there is to look forward to loves?

  • Lighter mornings/evenings
  • MORE light = more time to take blog photos!
  • Everything just comes ALIVE again (ha!) – trees/flowers/plants!
  • SPRING FASHION – I don’t have to say ANYMORE!
  • SO MANY Bank holidays!
  • It becomes acceptable to have milkshakes/slushies instead of hot chocolate. Ohh… not forgetting ice-cream too 😛
  • Easter – the BEST excuse to eat LOTS OF CHOCOLATE! 

I CANNOT WAIT FOR SPRING LOVES! What is your fave season? Make sure to let me know!

Cannot WAIT for my next few posts.. I have SO much lined up… I just need MORE time hehe!! I hope you liked this post darlings .. and it helped to get rid of your winter blues and HAS YOU EXCITED FOR SPRING TIME! YAY!! See you in my next post loves!

Lots of Love,



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