Feeling Under The Weather?

Hey guys *waves*

Already 2 weeks into the new year! Can you believe it!? And you’ll never guess what I did for the first week? Well.. if you follow my twitter you’ll know .. but I spent the whole week bunged up, coughing non-stop and with a constant headache. Yep.. the joys.


So… first day back at work I was drugged up with Day Nurse hoping I could soldier through. Funnily enough, 2 other girls at work were just as poorly too so ended up going home before me! By about 11am.. I could barely concentrate so KNEW I had to go home! I spent 2 whole days off work … in which I did all the things to make me feel better… and thought hey, it would be fun to make a list of all the things you can do to make yourself feel better too! I know (from Twitter) that SO many people are still poorly too (hope you Β feel better soon babes!).. so I hope this post can help you!


Get into your comfiest clothes

This was literally the first thing I did as soon as I got home (despite me wanting to just crawl into bed!). I got into my comfiest pj’s, hubby’s oversized t-shirt & shoved my hair up. PERFECT. If you spend sick days in any other attire … you are doing it WRONG.

Stay Hydrated

Probably one of the most IMPORTANT (but probably boring) things you have to do .. it is so important to keep a bottle of water next to you and drink crap loads (more than you normally would). It definitely helped me as I was sweating all day (TMI I know) and it just meant I didn’t get dehydrated !

Use A Sheet Mask

I LOVED using these so much whilst I was poorly… because they are lovely and cool, they really help soothe your skin and head! They obviously help brighten up your skin too which probably is looking dead thanks to your illness! If you don’t have a sheet mask.. you can use a cold flannel (works just as well TBH).


Β Have simple, ‘comforting’ meals

This might sound a bit odd .. but when you are ill you probably don’t have much of an appetite. For me.. I could barely taste/smell anything which can be SO annoying and really put you off having any food. Having things like soup/bread are quick & easy… and they really do just warm you up and make you feel better! Chicken soup has magical healing powers, seriously. Also .. chocolate when you’re ill is never a bad idea (hehe).

Have a Bath

At first .. I thought what even is the point in having a bath.. I’d feel like I was wasting my bath bombs as I wouldn’t be able to smell them.. BUT when your muscles are aching so MUCH, there is nothing better than going for a soak. I used a bubble bar and the Snow Angel bath melt which made my bath so ‘soft’ (if that makes sense ha). A few drops of essential oils would be amazing too .. but I just love my Lush stuff too much, lol. Honestly .. I felt so much better after my bath, so make sure you jump in your tub if you’re poorly with achy muscles.

Get Plenty of Rest

You’re ill, the first thing you need is plenty of rest. I know you’re probably feeling crap because you have to miss work, but your body needs you to rest up, so sleep in, stay comfy with your blankets all day and don’t feel guilty. Trust me.. I tried to stay at work and battle it but I NEEDED rest. Chill out, catch up on some Netflix (when you’re not resting) and only focus on getting yourself better.


There you go guys … a few tips to help you when you’re feeling under the weather ! My cold has JUST about cleared up, and if you have been ill too I hope you are on the mend!

Have a fab Sunday guys … and I will see you all in my next post!

Lots of love,




Eating Clean – How YOU can do it :)

Evening Sweethearts !

Hope you have all had a good start to the week! I had a very busy day at work, and was relieved to come home, change into my PJ’s and just unwind :). Also, I cannot express how much I have been loving blogging .. It is so amazing how you can interact with people all over the world with similar interests, and speak to them as though you have known each other for years.. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time out to read my blog, and leave me such lovely comments.. they mean the world to me!

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about… eating clean! Please don’t run away and hide.. it is not as scary or restricting as you may think. I have been eating clean for almost a year, and I can honestly say I enjoy eating so much, never feel restricted, and have really felt a difference in how I feel!

I am going to give you my top tips, and how I have adapted my eating habits to be as healthy as possible!


My first tip (and this may the most boring and obvious one) is to DRINK WATER. I can imagine you sighing and muttering “for god’s sake, how many times do people say this”, but TRUST ME, it makes a huge difference. I drink a huge glass as soon as I wake up, and keep a tumbler on my desk at work to ensure I never forget to drink water (the amount of trips I take to the bathroom is ridiculous). I see this as a positive thing though, as my body is ridding itself of toxins, and I can definitely tell a difference when I do not drink enough water. A good way to make sure you remember to drink water is to purchase a cute tumbler or drinking glass, one that you will want to carry around! Also an excellent tip is to add sliced lemon/lime to water.. and your plain water “magically” becomes a detoxifying drink, which will clear your skin, help with bloating and wake you up.. Win!SAM_0867

Eat 5-6 Small Meals Everyday

I feel like I never stop eating during the day, but if you are eating the right things, you can eat every 2-3 hours. I will give you a quick run through of what I eat on a daily basis (this does change ALL the time though.. I am just giving an example :D)

Breakfast – Smoothie (Recipe will be below)

Snack – Apple and Banana

Lunch – Chicken, Tomato and Spinach in Wholemeal Wrap

Snack – Yoghurt with Nuts and Dark Chocolate Chips

Snack – Strawberries and Grapes

Dinner – Chicken, Brown Rice and VegetablesΒ 

Snack – TREAT πŸ™‚

So, as you can see I snack ALOT during they day.. but this is essential in speeding up your metabolism, as it means your body is always working to break down the food you put in your body. If you are putting the right things in your body, it will not slow down and store any excess fat (makes sense right?). I also do not restrict myself, and always have a small amount of (dark) chocolate during the day. The key is portion control, that way you will not crash and binge!

Berries Are Your Besties

Ok, it is such a cheesy title.. but berries are absolutely amazing! In fact any fruit is amazing, but I definitely cannot go a day without eating berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, you name them, I LOVE them. They have so many health benefits and really satisfy any sweet cravings (try strawberries covered in dark chocolate… they are TO DIE FOR). Just fill a little tub with your favourite berries, nuts and dark chocolate chips, and snack on whenever you want! You can also add berries to water, and let the flavours infuse.. it is so refreshing :).


Switch to Wholemeal πŸ™‚

I think everybody knows that wholemeal is a lot better for you, in foods such as bread, pasta, rice etc. It avoids that “bloated” feeling you get after, and I personally prefer the taste so much more. Just start buying wholemeal alternatives, and trust me you will not regret it, and after a while you will wish you switched over sooner!


“Drink” Your Fruit/VegetablesΒ 

I was quite skeptical about purchasing a “Nutri-Ninja”, or the ever so popular “Nutri-Bullet”, but once I really got in to my clean eating, and saw it on offer in Argos for Β£70, I though why not? It was literally the BEST decision I ever made.. I LOVE my Nutri-Ninja so much, and use it every single day :). It is such a good way to ensure you get your “5 a day” – although with all the other fruit and vegetables I eat, mine probably goes up to “10 a day” :P.


I make a smoothie every single morning for my breakfast, with the ingredients below (I do sometimes add additional fruit, but this is my go to smoothie).

SAM_0885I fill half the cup with spinach, putΒ both apples in, put 1 banana in, 2 tablespoons of greek yoghurt, some orange juice, a squeeze of lemon and water. It literally takes me less than 5 minutes in the morning, and makes enough for me and my husband :).

Green Tea – Best Thing EverΒ SAM_0862

Ohhh green tea.. I love it SO much. I am sure you have all heard about “powers” of drinking green tea every day.. and I personally think it helps so much. It speeds up your metabolism, cleanses your body of toxins, makes your skin glow, and helps with bloating. Add a slice of lemon to green tea, and you have a powerful anti-oxidant drink :). I probably have around 3 cups a day :).

So… these are the main tips and advice that have come to my mind… eating clean is such a huge topic, and I would love to make more posts on my recipes/what I eat in a day etc :). I just wanted to also say that, I have a take-away every single week, and always have chocolate whenever I crave it.. It is so important to not deprive yourself, and just eat everything in moderation guys.. that is they key :). I don’t believe in having a strict diet, or a specific “day” where you can eat as many things as you want. Eating clean is a lifestyle change, not just something you do for a week/month.

I feel there is so much more to talk about, this is just an insight into my daily food diary. I will maybe in the future share some recipes/weekly food diaries? Sounds good :D. I have left out my workout routine, as I feel that will be another separate blog post hopefully very soon πŸ™‚

Thank you so much lovelies for reading my blog… Please let me know if you want any more information/tips, and I will surely make another post like this soon! I am going to watch TV for a while, then off to bed as I have work in the morning! Have a lovely evening πŸ™‚


Saira xx