20 – 24 Week Pregnancy Diary

I am 24 weeks pregnant guys. Blimey. I’m getting closer to reaching my third trimester and I can’t actually believe it. Time is definitely flying by – I counted down how many weeks it is until I go on official maternity leave at work and it is 12 weeks. 12 WEEKS. I’ll be in single figures soon guys!

So how have the past few weeks been for me?Β 

Well – my bump has definitely had a massive growth spurt – when they say they pop they ain’t kidding. All I’ve had everyone around me saying is how much more obvious my bump is every time I see them. I have noticed it starting to get in the way of things now too – and it’s only going to get bigger! Not going to lie though – I absolutely adore my bump and know I will definitely miss having it. Although who knew that putting shoes/socks on would become such a chore already?

Movements have also become very obvious now – to the stage that I can see my belly moving sometimes when the baby moves. Sure it looks a little bit odd but it’s AMAZING at the same time. Also – Saj (the hubby) FINALLY felt the baby move for the first time too which was so nice to see. For the past few weeks only I’ve been able to feel them, but for him to finally feel it too is so nice.

I did have a little bit of a panic when I picked up a sickness bug in the new year (which I have mentioned previously). Having a bug is bad enough anyway – but having one when you are pregnant is awful. With enough heartburn/feeling sick/backache anyway – adding on a sickness bug is not nice at all. Not to mention the constant worry I had over what medication I could take (it’s a good thing the hubby is a Pharmacist), and how my constant throwing up/not being able to keep anything down would affect my baby. Thankfully, it did pass with plenty of water, rest & Dirolyte (frozen in the form of an ice pop because I cannot take drinking any meds that taste vile). And the whole time, the baby was just chillin’ in there, oblivious to what was happening to poor mamma.

My iron levels are still low (boo) despite me being on iron tablets – the only thing I can do is try to increase my intake through certain foods and keep up my tablets. I’ve always had issues with being anemic so it’s no surprise that being pregnant has brought it all back. Also – not sure if this ties in with my low iron levels or if it is something else, but my midwife/GP ALWAYS struggle to find my veins when taking my blood – meaning I’m left with bruises EVERY time I have my blood taken. YAY.

I have the ever so popular glucose test coming up soon guys – so fingers crossed everything comes through OK with that! All I’ve heard is people saying how grim the drink is, so definitely not looking forward to that – but I guess you’ve gotta remember that it’s all to benefit you and baby ey?

Another exciting note guys – we’ve decorated the nursery (!!!!!). I wanted to get this done ASAP because both me and Saj work full time, and the only free time we have is weekends. We both had some holidays at Christmas and figured this would be the best time to do the main decorating bits, then we could spend our weekends doing the little odds & ends. I FLIPPING LOVE IT – you can bet I had plenty of inspo from Pinterest. Once I have it all ready – I’ll do a nursery tour for you all (eeeek!).

I am *yet* to see any stretch marks – although BLOODY HELL do I feel myself growing by the day and it’s getting awfully squished up here too. I’m using some fancy oil specifically for stretch marks that I got from work to prevent them every now and again, but hey if they creep through, ya gal is not fussed.Β 


Oh another thing – we also found out the gender (we are both very impatient) – however I am yet to reveal on social media what we are actually having! I think it’s just something that we like having a little bit more private – however I’m not sure if I will do a reveal soon or not *she frantically goes back through the post to see if he/she has been used*.

And I think that is everything I had to update you on babywise. Gonna go work on some more blog posts that aren’t baby related and get some food. Ciao for now xx

Love Saira x


I’m having a BABY!

Can’t believe I’m actually blogging about this guys. FINALLY. I’ve wanted to tell you for SO long, but time has just not been on my side, let alone my energy levels. But yep. I’m only having an ACTUAL BABY. Holy crap. I have a little human growing inside me. Eeeeeek. It’s SO exciting, but nerve wracking at the same time. I feel like I have SO much I want to say but I just don’t know where to start?!

We’ll start with how many weeks I am – I’m actually 20 weeks and counting. Yep. Past that halfway mark. And I can’t believe I have managed to keep it a secret for this long. Wow. I had originally planned to do a whole reveal blog post after our 12 week scan – however that plan went down the toilet because I honestly just did NOT have the energy. Which will bring me on to my next point..

How I’ve been feeling? I’ve actually not been THAT bad so far (thankfully!). The first few weeks I was just SO FRICKIN’ exhausted. Literally guys pregnancy fatigue is real. I would come home after work (which I barely made it through without wanting to knock out at my desk) and just sleep. And no matter how much sleep I got – I still felt knackered. I couldn’t make it past 8pm, and struggled SO much to get up in a morning for work. I also found out that my iron levels were quite low, which definitely explained why my tiredness was so bad. I still get pretty tired now, although it’s definitely improved from my first trimester! I’m just trying to take everyone’s advice and SLEEP as much as I can, before I forget what the words ‘lie in’ mean.

Another thing that I have that I think is worsened by my anaemia is how quickly I get out of breath. I know it’s a symptom of pregnancy anyway but bloody hell I can’t manage going up one flight of stairs without being left feeling breathless AF. Nice.

Also – one of the main questions I always get asked when I tell people I’m pregnant – did you have morning sickness? Answer – no. Did I have all day nausea? Answer – yes. For the first 12 weeks there wasn’t a day where I didn’t feel nauseous, and I found I felt it more in the evening (odd I know), but I never actually threw up (which I was really thankful for!). I was so chuffed when I passed 12 weeks and the nausea just slowly started to die down. It’s amazing how your body just gets used to the crazy amount of hormones it produces!

Also – there are certain foods/smells that I have completely gone off. Firstly – you know the Lush Twilight body spray that I fell in LOVE with? Makes we want to vom now. Mini eggs – the thing that I could eat a whole bag of in one sitting? I can’t think of anything worse to eat. Chicken – what I used to have every single day? Completely gone off it. I’ve been living off a diet of clementines, beef steak & ready salted crisps. Nom.

So how is my little bubba doing? Thankfully, every scan we’ve had has been amazing and bubba is VERY active. I have an anterior placenta so was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t feel movements until the 24-26 week mark, but I’ve been feeling flutters since 17 weeks which is SUCH a surreal feeling. In fact, as I’ve been writing this, bubs has been moving around in there quite a bit.


Phew – what a relief to finally blog about my news! I am so chuffed to tell you and put out some pregnancy/new mamma blog posts! There are SO many amazing bloggers that are pregnant/new mums and I am so excited to join them! I’m sure this explains why I’ve been absent for so long – for the first 12 weeks all I did was work, eat and sleep, and since then I’ve just been trying to get into a routine but FAILING miserably. I’m planning to get on it now and get myself organised, so I can get plenty of content out there! If there is anything specific you guys want to see – let me know!

Sending you all lots of love!

Saira xx